Hidden Mystery About How You Can Order Your Own Blood Tests

Hidden Mystery About How You Can Order Your Own Blood Tests

People often to be scared from the process of ordering their own blood tests. What most people don’t realize that most mobile phlebotomy services allow you to order your own lab test without having a doctor’s say.

The ability to order their own lab tests is a freedom a lot of people celebrate. I usually like to order my own blood tests when I want blood testing more frequent than my doctor is offering or people often go for this mode of phlebotomy when they want discrete services such that in cases of sexually transmitted diseases.

The idea of ordering your own lab tests is not new and but it gained significant momentum as the public gained better access to healthcare via internet as well as the potentially lowering lab costs with each passing year.

Several companies have popped up to fulfill this need of the public. You are offered to select and purchase from some lab tests and get the interpretation through a mail.

Here are a few simple steps that will help you order your own lab test.

Choose from the Online Labs

A lot, if not all, online lab testing services have a nation-wide network of laboratories that draw blood samples and collect urine samples. All these laboratories tend to be regulated by the Government regulatory bodies.

However, the most important you need to keep in mind when choosing a blood testing company is to make sure how safe is the website’s security setup. It is not only about your credit card details being stolen; it is also about your syphilis lab results that you wished to order discretely.

Picking the Right Tests for Yourself

This is the most challenging part especially to people who know nothing about the healthcare and medicine. Unless you have been told by someone or are a medical practitioner yourself, it is hard to know where to start and what test to order.

The tests are usually pre-packaged by these online companies into categories like ‘women’s health’ and ‘heart health check-up.’ However, attempting to be tested for something without any symptoms is putting yourself through the unnecessary hassle. If you are not sure about your symptoms at any point, it is better to talk to a physician. This could save you from putting your arms and legs to some unnecessary phlebotomist that might, in turns, result in further confusion if they come back falsely negative or positive.

The reason behind this is not all kinds of testing is straightforward. Like getting tested for cholesterol levels or STD, the results would either be normal or abnormal. Also, the testing is highly accurate.

However, some tests like hormone levels have a high negative/ positive predictive value since these levels vary during different parts of the day. So, you would need an experts advice about when to get tested and also interpreting the results.

Getting Yourself Tested and Interpretation by an Expert

Once you choose your tests and order, you will be contacted by the phlebotomy services, and you can choose the hours you wish for a phlebotomist to visit you.

This part is really important. Understanding that lab errors exist and there can be the difference in interpretation done by you, and your physician is of prime importance. I the results turn out worrying, you need to contact a physician immediately.

Author Bio:

Dr. Wilson Marks is an experienced general practitioner who owns an online phlebotomy service himself. With numerous patients visiting him with a request ‘I want to order my own blood tests,’ he quickly saw the need for such services in the area. He has been blogging about the correct use and advantages of these services in the past few years.

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