How Harry Potter Changed The World Forever

We saw the cast of Harry Potter series grew up to become megastar on screen. Plus, those 8 movies have made over $2 billion. Rowling, a divorced mother, struggled to publish her first Potter novel. However, when she did, the novel made history with its popularity among young and old kids. Presently, she is Twitter celeb whose 140-characters inspires her fans and followers.


The world really missed Harry Potter. Author J.K. Rowling got lots of rejections before the final publication of her book in the year 1997. She also admitted to her fans that she unsuccessfully tried publishing her book under the name Robert Galbraith. She used that name in the thrillers written by her. As everyone knows, Rowling with her imagination finally made it in a big… big way. While celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter adventure, let us find out how Rowling brought the change in the world with her magical writing.

With the growing popularity of movies and videos, most critics said that children won’t show any desire or interest in the books. Then, Rowling came up with Harry Potter by waving her magic wand. Suddenly, Harry Potter books became popular among kids and they showed more interest in libraries begging to stay up late to complete one chapter. Many teachers and children credited Harry Potter books for boosting literacy and reading abilities in the year 2005.

All this popularity meant tons of money and fame. Convincing publishers was no more an issue. Over the past 20 years, 7 Harry Potter novels have sold over 45 million copies. These novels, further, got translated into over 60 languages due to its huge popularity across the world. There is something magical about Harry Potter movie which became a turning point for the careers of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint. Do you think they would have gained this much popularity if they didn’t work for the Potter film franchise?

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