Guide To Yoga Nidra Training In India

Overview / Introduction :-  Yoga Nidra is a yoga practice developed by Swami Satyananda Saraswati which promotes conscious sleep. Yoga Nidra has gained the popularity due to its easy-to-practice feature and huge benefits for body and mind. It helps you with insomnia, anxiety, emotional instability, and other illness. The main idea is to bring your body and mind into deep relaxation to promote deep sleep. The poses are simple, you only need to lay down on the floor with face up and follow breathing practices from the instruction.

Yoga Nidra becomes a solution for modern people who mainly deal with stress condition, lack of sleep, and anxiety. The instruction can be found online, but a retreat or course would be the best way to properly perform your Yoga Nidra. What you need to do is to find the best yoga Nidra teacher in India.

Benefits :-  Yoga Nidra provides a lot of health benefits for your body and mind. It helps you to deal with insomnia, anxiety, emotional instability, illness, lack of energy as well as promote a longer and healthier life. If a person practices his Yoga Nidra on his regular basis, he/she may get a more quality life.

Despite benefits for practitioners, Yoga Nidra is also a helpful tool for a Yoga teacher in asana or yoga pose as well as relaxing the student in your studio. A certified Yoga Nidra training allows you to learn how to design a yoga practice on your own studio considering particular settings including a certain number of participant. Best Yoga Nidra Training in India is offered by Diya Yoga School in Goa.

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training from the Expert :-  Meera Acharya is the lead yoga teacher of Diya Yoga who is Yoga Nidra, the specialist. She is certified with Yoga Alliance RYT or Registered Yoga Teacher. Why is she the best? Ones can be traced on her spiritual background. She was raised in the ashram of Osho in Pune where her yoga journey was started. Her study on eastern and western philosophy inspired her to break the orthodox approach of yoga practices and brought the modern and western experience into them. Now, she is the leading Yoga teacher trainer with Yoga Alliance certification.

Due to her spiritual background, Meera Acharya combines a wide range of Yoga practices with meditation and healing/ therapeutic techniques which is absent in other training courses. Meera Acharya applies multi yoga style and modern approach to combine them. Her method may be unorthodox but it effectively deals with various mental and physical problems. It allows you to get deeper into your conscious and meditation so you can recognize yourself better than before.

Goa Yoga Teacher Training School

Despite Yoga Nidra, Meera Acharya is also experienced on Kundalini Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Chakra E-RYT Healing(Yoga Alliance certified), Color-Light therapy, Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Meditation, Past-life Regression, and so forth. Meera applies the modern approach in combining these elements into her retreats and teacher training classes.

This approach receives a high acceptance from her international students due to effective practice and comfortable transition. Her method allows you to effectively get into the deeper relaxation quickly and easily and the most important thing is that you can apply the similar way to your student later.

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