Great And Effective Workouts To Increase Your Vertical Jump

increase vertical jump workout

In most sporting activities, jumping higher is one of the most important aspects needed for better play in the game, especially in basketball, athletes, etc. When you try an increase vertical jump workout, it will give you a significant advantage over your competitors. Due to this, you should look for effective ways that will increase your vertical jump.

There are various types of workouts that work on your arms, legs, and upper body parts that will help you enhance your vertical jump. The significance of increase vertical jump workout is to build potency in these body parts as well as trim and tone your body down in a manner that you will not have to give extra weight while jumping. Below are some of the simple and best exercises that you can be performed at your home to increase vertical. They include;

increase vertical jump workout


This is one of the great exercises to help you increase your upright jump by strengthening your quads and hamstrings. You can perform this workout by standing straight and taking a step forward and stretch as far as you can. You should as well ensure that your knee on your extended leg is positioned directly above your foot. Then hold this position for some few seconds and then return to your initial position. Perform three sets of twenty repetitions each for this workout preferably about three times a week and increase the frequency as you get better. Doing this regularly will increase your vertical jump with no time.

increase vertical jump workout

Toe Raises

This workout is one of the most basic workouts to increase your vertical jump that is very effective for a starting point. By strengthening your calf muscles, it will offer you the explosive leaping ability.

You can perform this workout by standing straight placing your arms on your side. While standing, you should slowly lift yourself up using your toes until you reach the top. Then, you should slowly lower yourself back down to your starting or original position. It is advisable that you perform a hundred repetitions of this workout at least three times in a week and increasing the number of repetitions as you get better will give you good results.

increase vertical jump workout


These are definitely an effective tool that will greatly help you jump higher. Ensuring consistency is the most important aspect about squats. You should perform this workout slowly to ensure that you have performed it correctly.

You can start out by standing straight placing your arms on your side. Then, slowly crouch down at the same time bending your knees. You should reach down as far as you can, then slowly rise up to a starting or original position. You should perform three sets of fifteen repetitions, the times in a week while gradually increasing the number as you get stronger. Squats are one of the most effective workouts to increase your vertical jump.

With increase vertical jump workout, you should always start small and gradually improve the intensity of upright jump workout to ensure that you will not hurt yourself. Always focus on right technique as well as controlled muscle movements. Also, continue to exercise on a consistent basis to get the best results in your vertical increase. Performing these workouts properly and also maintaining consistency will ensure that you are actually achieving perfect results.

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