Want To Share Your Views Without Typing For Long Hours? Try Voice Dictation

dictation speech microphone

A computer is a common tool in our daily life and we spend hours on it for many different activities and from age size of children to adults, all are getting addicted to it as it opens the door of connectivity with rest of the world.

The main and very important thing that everybody does on it is typing whether on a physical keyboard or the latest laser keyboards but one thing in common is typing is the main activity that is performed in all these till now.

As we know every addictive thing comes with some adverse effects and medical research has shown some serious health problems for the people who regularly indulge in the act of typing. But the steady improvements in the field of voice recognition technology has shown that computer hearing our voice and framing sentences in the text is no longer a dream.

In comparison to the typing speed of a person, this new technology is very effective and it doesn’t require any additional hardware because the microphone will do the job of reception.

There are a variety of tools and software available online for this task of translating your voice into printed texts and here we will focus on Voice Dictation V2.0. Voice Dictation is a speech recognition app that lets us type with the help of our voice.

The highlight of this app is that you don’t require any prior training or install any extra software but you just need google chrome in your respective OS. This application can recognize your voice in over 100 languages which include English, Español, Français, Italiano, Português, हिन्दी, தமிழ், اُردُو, বাংলা, ગુજરાતી, ಕನ್ನಡ, and more.

Another amazing feature of Dictation app is the voice commands that let us guide what to say in order to perform the desired actions and the example is like to delete the typed text you can say “Clear Everything, Delete all text, Remove everything” etc.
command page of dictation
The commands page lets us learn not only about inserting common commands but the Smileys, Special Characters, Punctuation Marks and Quotes & Brackets. This is the video that will help you for getting started with Dictation app.

How to use Dictation for Speech Recognition?

⦁ Dictation stores everything in your program locally and not a byte of your information is transferred anyplace.

⦁ Speech Recognition will be more exact in a calm situation and the inherent mouthpiece of your PC ought to be sufficient.

dictation speech microphone
⦁ First you have to open the Google Chrome browser in your respective OS.

⦁ Then open the website https://dictation.io
microphone speech dictation
⦁ You are now with two options to choose from: “LAUNCH DICTATION” & “VOICE COMMANDS”.

⦁ Click on “LAUNCH DICTATION”. Give your Voice a shape with Voice Dictation

⦁ Here you have to click on the microphone icon and for the first time chrome will ask for using Micro Phone and you have to click “Allow”.
speech recognition
⦁ Also make sure that no other browser tab is using Speech Recognition at the same time.

⦁ After allowing the microphone, you have to click on thumb speech dictation

⦁ As you speak your voice is continuously converted into text in real time.

⦁ When you are done with dictation you can click the Stop button or say Go to Sleep to turn off speech recognition.

Dictation from Speech to Text

⦁ You can also listen to your transcribed audio in any available voices by clicking on “PLAY” button on the bottom of the note.

⦁ Along with this the Dictation app lets you alter the speed and pitch of audio using simple playback controls.

Publishing on the website

⦁ After transcribing your voice to text, you can easily edit the content using WYSIWYG editor.

⦁ After successfully formatting the raw transcribed text, you can now copy that rich-text to other apps like Microsoft Word or Gmail.

⦁ If you don’t want to paste and want to anonymously publish your note to the internet and the page can only be accessed by the people having the link.

Conversion of Recorded Audio to Text

⦁ At last if you have an MP3 file for which you want to have the transcription in a text file then you have the option of uploading and converting it into a text file. ⦁ Demo

Technical Stuff About Dictation

⦁ Transcription utilizes the HTML5 Web Speech API that is at present actualized just in Google Chrome in the work area. For Text to Speech, it utilizes the Speech Synthesis interface of the Web Speech API that is accessible in Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox.

⦁ The rich-content manager is worked with Quill while the voice summons interface is made conceivable with Annyang. Correspondence utilizes the GitHub API to distribute managed notes online as mysterious significances.

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