Food Diversity in Singapore Only Continues to Evolve

Singapore may be a small country but it’s widely known for great food diversity. In fact, it is considered as the food capital not only of Asia but rather the whole world. Its unique ethnic tapestry that has intertwined different food practices of Chinese, Malaysian, Indians, Thai, Indonesian and British, is reflected through its wide variety of cuisines.

As per Regional Director for the Americas at the Singapore Tourism Board, Kershing Goh, “it is no longer a surprise that food has become an integral part of the country’s identity considering that food is Singaporeans’ one favorite pastime.”

International cuisines you ask?

Since Singapore is a business center and has been among the most developed countries, it has also appealed to lots of individuals from across the globe. You’ll see an unbelievable number of foreigners in the country. Whilst some are here for a quick visit, some have moved to stay longer. And this has again served as an opportunity for business-minded ones. Considering that immigrants are possibly missing their cuisines from the countries where they came from, entrepreneurs took advantage of the opportunity and built in Singapore a number of eateries. One good example here is Ricciotti Italian restaurant located at Upper Circular Road, The Riverwalk. This is perfect for those who want to experience yet again an Italian dining setup, not to mention that they serve authentic Italian meals that would make guests feel like they are really eating home-cooked food in Italy.

SG: Not your ordinary food destination

No one can simply deny the country’s too much love for food. As a matter of fact, you can also notice their food passion through their greeting. Instead of “Hi” or “How are you,” you are more likely to hear a question from them-“Have you eaten?”

Their huge appetite has seemingly captivated the interests of businessmen to put up more eateries and restaurants, be it on streets or pricier spots. Anywhere in SG, it is easy to find a stall to dine in, which makes it more attractive to tourists and travelers, especially those who wander from countries to countries for the food experience. Lots of other places have various fabulous street food. However, Singapore food stalls are focused into hawker centers and rated for hygiene, mitigating worries many travelers have when it comes to unfamiliar street foods.

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