Food and Education – Mid Day Meals : A Pioneer Step

The ‘Mid Day Meal’ is a school meal providing program initiated by the Government of India and aimed at improving the nutrition status of the school going kids in our country. With the help of this scheme the literacy level of our youth generation should also be positively impacted in the coming years.

A wholesome meal is provided to all school going children in the age group of 6 to 14, in the government and other government aided schools. Upon having implemented the scheme, recent researches show the progress that government has been able to make, to convince more parents to their kids to school.

In a recent generic survey done for food habits, most individuals, be it from school, college or even office, majorly said that they bring food from home. However, the combined percentage for outside eating and people who have no usual plans far surpassed the healthy meal eaters.


Advantages of the mid-day meal scheme

While the primary objectives of this scheme were to abolish the hunger and curb the malnutrition problems of our society, the scheme has ended up having many more benefits ever since it has come into practice in our society.

  1. Healthy Habits

It is needless to say that this program is doing wonders for children who are studying in government school. Because of this program the school children get to focus more on the learning part during school hours as their lunch gets taken care of under this government initiative. More and more lower class families are also considering sending their kids to school, knowing that their nutrition will also be taken care of along with education. The easy to cook Indian recipes with nutrition values should be known for better healthy habits and school tiffin.

  1. Promotes Socializing

This scheme is helping promote socialization amongst school children by creating a common place where they can all unite and share a meal. Mid day meal program also has one of its prominent goals to achieve social unity and discard gender differences, starting from school children itself.

  1. Public-Private partnership

Another lesser known benefit of this program is the partnership government has fostered by mobilizing the community support and programs. The larger the scale of the program, more the number of individuals who can get involved in this program and make experience the change in society.

  1. Employment Opportunities

Being the largest school meal program in the world, this scheme is nearly feeding children of over 1 million schools. To make an operation of this humongous a scale into success, the required workforce is equally huge! According to recent statistics, the program is employs close to 2.6 million people across the country, to help this scheme become a success.

Overall, the mid-day meal program has worked wonders for the children of our country but still has a long way to go. The program aims to keep expanding and ensure that they reach their bigger objective of ensuring nutrition to every school child who is in need. If our communities come together and mobilize other groups to join hands for this task, then it is surely going to be easier to make sure that every child gets their right to nutrition with education. To know more head over to !

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