Five Ways Home Automation Systems Are Changing the World As We Speak

Wouldn’t it be great if home automation can help make your bed, prepare your breakfast, open the gate for you, and play your favorite channel?

A few years ago this may have been difficult, but now, as technology has improved tremendously, these technologies have become a reality.

We have made a list of the best home automation technologies that can help you spend your time in the best way possible.

The list is available below.

Automated Temperature Control

Let’s suppose you are coming back to home from office. You just wish that someone has turned on the air conditioner and you don’t have to face the blistering sun after getting out of the car and going inside the house. This is certainly possible thanks to automated temperature control systems that let you control your whole home just by using your smartphone.

The temperature control systems are built by multiple companies. One of the most reliable ones is Nest by Google.

So, no need to worry about turning on AC in summer or heater in winter, all that is taken care by the smart home devices.

Home Access Systems

Arriving late? Worried that your kids might be waiting for you sitting outside the house? Don’t worry. Because now home automation devices have made it possible to secure fences. These come with voice, picture, and video detection features that automatically recognize the face of their owners.

With these smart home security devices, you can easily head out without worrying if you have closed the doors tightly. Because the security automation devices automatically take care of that stuff for you.

One such automated home security system is by Samsung that lets you lock and unlock doors through camera detection technology and by even smartphone controlled apps.

The apps are free but usually the home video detection system charges monthly fees to keep the owners’ data within the database.

Remote Home Monitoring Systems

People have to leave their homes for one reason or another. They are afraid that what will happen to their houses when they leave. What if some intruder gets in their house and steal their important possessions?

There are now home security camera systems such as Belkin that let you monitor your home from anywhere in the world. These camera systems are connected with the servers. The security camera companies will charge a small amount on a monthly basis and you can easily see the live view of your house using them.

Cleaning Robots

Multiple companies have taken the initiative to make it easy to clean home and gardens using automated cleaning robots. Dyson is one robot that is cleaning the homes using intelligent heat and dust sensing technology. It works using deep learning and learns automatically through the environment. These robots can also be controlled through a smartphone and they come with a camera for users who want to clean their house themselves.

Automated Intelligent Electrical Control

Not at home? Fear someone will break in? Just run on the lights and let them know someone is living within the house. The lights can be turned on with just a few clicks of your smartphone. Don’t worry, these lights aren’t like ‘Home Alone’ movie. Because you will be watching your house through a camera. So, in case of a problem, you can easily call the rescue services.

These light control systems are available by Philips, Iris and many others.  These devices are plugged in your electric box and then they control your home by switching on/off lights and providing your real-time analysis.

These are just some of the wide variety of benefits of home automation and security systems. Remember, we haven’t even scratched the surface of home automation innovations, yet we have so much to explore. But we are sure with the home automation innovations that we have already explored, your summer will pass in the best way.

This is a guest post by Muhammad Sharjeel Ashraf, the founder of Home Gym and Fitness Website. You can read more about him at Musclerig.

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