Fan Flop Or Matter Of Perception

Since Chak De India SRK fans were waiting for a big film. What went wrong with Fan? We should see the whole situation from two distinctive points:-

In the first place, business-wise the film is unquestionably average, not surprisingly. Presently passing by the SRK fan-base the circumstance is, in reality, great in the realm of a silver screen. How about we do a simple math to clarify my answer.

Generally, among 127 crores Indian populace, at least 2.5 crores (just 0.5%) should be a fan of megastar SRK passing by a moderate evaluation. Accepting normal ticket cost is Rs 100 then an SRK film would/ought to easily net 250 crore, which is around 190 crore net*.

In 2014, Happy New Year earned 201 crore net. In 2015, Dilwale earned 148 crore net. It can be expected that most of the SRK fans would go out to watch his movies.

Now if SRK’s Fan doesn’t earn 100 crores, it means his fan base is declining or there is something wrong with the film. As an SRK fan you can also say that it is the effect of his comments on social issues, but then Aamir Khan also made a similar comment. Aamir Khan’s movie successfully broke the records like always.


Every movie making 100 or 200 crores is not a great movie.

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