Email Marketing – One Of The Best Advertising Tools

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Email Marketing is still considered one of the best advertising tools. Even if you are running a small business with less number of subscribers or buyers, a well-designed email will attract a number of conversions. However, it is surely not an easy task if you are not familiar with HTML.

Surprisingly, every email receiver only spends 5 seconds to decide if they want to click on a call to action button.
We know you want your email subscribers to click on your call to action button and make a visit to your website.
You should only display the best offers to make them register or buy from your website.

You should balance the graphics by adding 2 lines at the bottom of every image. Try to relate to your customers so that they can relate to your product. You have to encourage them to make a purchase by sharing all the pros and cons of the product.

With GetResponse, you can create emails that encourage your conversions without any knowledge of HTML. Just log in to your GetResponse account and you will be able to do the following:

  • Choose from a variety of layouts and templates according to your business and requirements.
  • Resize and crop the images as you like.
  • Add any call to action button and freely design it.
  • Add text and image anywhere you want.
  • Check Inbox Preview whether your template is displayed properly to your email receivers.
  • You can create responsive email design that will automatically look perfect on any mobile or desktop.

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