Dishoom Movie Review

Dishoom” is a standout among the recent fast-paced Bollywood bromances. Also, a truly cool one. With John Abraham (strong and tough he-man type) and Varun Dhawan (reliable) paired together, director Rohit Dhawan can’t turn out badly.

In addition, there is cricket which as we know is religion in India. So what happens when Virat, anecdotally modified to Viraj, is seized by a mean cash machine named Wagah (presumably on the grounds that he lives in a No Man’s La Land) who has a pooch named Bradman (and most likely a feline named Mandira, however, we don’t see her).

In spite of the fact that I observed “Dishoomto be far too formalistic to make as solid an impression as the film “Desi Boyz,” there is ethical news in a bad habit. “Dishoom” shows it. Everybody in the plot including the courageous woman who plays a thief infringes upon the law in a nation far from home.

Wagah is played by Akshaye Khanna whose rebound to acting is one of the high purposes of the film. Akshaye doesn’t have lots of scenes to bite on. In any case, when he gets to open his mouth, you have to listen. Akshay Kumar has a scene taking cameo as a gay baddie.

Saqib Saleem plays a Virat Kohli twofold named Viraj who won’t stare at Nargis Fakhri regardless of the fact that she offers her lips and different resources on a platter. In any case, the best accidental character in the uneasy plot is Satish Kaushik who plays a marriage-offering voice on Varun’s phone.

I could swear I saw John frown here.

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