Everything You Need To Know about the Dark Web

The Internet is one of the most intriguing portals ever invented by man. It is wrongly compared to an ocean when in reality should be called an iceberg, the tip of the iceberg to be very specific. What we see on the visible search engines is just the 6% of the entirety. The other 94% is called the Deep Web.

Dark Web is just a part of Deep Web, although many consider the entire 94% as the Dark web because of the illegal and criminal activities that take place due to the lack of government surveillance. Statistics show that there a billion pages on the regular net while the Deep Web has more than 500 billion pages.

Let’s say, if you want to search for specific historical documents that are not available on Google or other visible search engines, then it’s most likely to be found in the Deep Web.

There are three categories of people that access the Deep Web:

a) who want specific data and information that is not easily available on the visible search engines like the Journalists, Military, Government, Police & Crime Units and Whistleblowers (Edward Snowden and Julian Assange)

b) who care about their privacy and don’t want to be under the government surveillance and

c) who indulge in criminal and illegal activities, the dark part of the Deep Web.

Dark Web can be easily accessed by installing TOR (Thin Onion Routing) the only gateway to the non-browsed part of internet, but getting into the Dark part of the Deep Web is not a child’s play, a lot of things will leave you into a deep shock due to the inhumane activities floating around like a normal chore. The criminal and illegal activities from the dark part of the internet.

All sorts of drugs are bought and sold at the comfort of your bed. The dealers and the customers don’t ever come in contact everything is done online. Goldennugget.com and Silkroute.com is one of the sites that indulge in the activity of the drug dealing. Similarly, Hitmen are hired to assassinate people from all walks of life with payment varying from different social statuses and Professions, the main targets are Journalists. Arm and weapons are bought and sold here, credit card details are stolen from this shady part of the net.

You must be wondering how they buy and sell! Well, the transactions do happen; obviously, no credit card or any sort of medium that will leave a trace is used. For this very purpose Bitcoin, a form of virtual currency was used through the encrypted peer-to-peer system. It allows the user to conduct business transactions anonymously. It is not a shocker that this kind of ordeal encouraged users of the currency to engage in illegal activity. In 2013 Bitcoin was shut down by FBI. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop any activity because soon after Ether and other kinds of virtual currency started.

Deep and Dark Web

Basically, Deep Web is not illegal and so is Dark Web, only to some extent. The repressed regime or any political dissident use it or the government uses it with no intention of harming any one. The real problem is with all the illegal and criminal activities that happen. Some sources claim that TOR is sponsored by the US Government.
If you are curious by now about the Deep and Dark Web, by all means, you may take the required step to quench your curiosity but do remember curiosity killed the cat.

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