Croatia can do wonders in Russia

croatia in russia

There were very few football fans before the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia to imagine Croatia as the table-toppers of Group H over Messi’s Argentina.

Remaining invincible in the round one helps Croatia to become the most dangerous underdogs to win this prestigious competition. However, observing the pressure of playing at the very best level internationally can hurt them. Nevertheless, many of the Croatian players having too much experience of playing big Champions League finals, which can assist them to start a legacy of greatness in their blood.

Starting from the group stages. To hit the group running in the first match of football World Cup in Russia was very crucial for Croatia as at the 2014 FIFA World Cup finals, they have seen a humiliating 3-1 defeat against the host Brazil in their campaign opener. Such why Luka Modric and company made no mistake this time to register a 2-0 victory in the opening World Cup encounter against the Super Eagles.

While in their following match versus Argentina, Croatia created the latest soccer news and headlines for many football websites by humiliating Argentina, who were coming from a 1-1 draw against the debutant Iceland.

Earning the valuable confidence right after winning against Messi’s Argentina made Zlatko Dalic’s side look out of this world, which assisted them to top the Group D with nine points and registered a 2-1 victory over Iceland.

With the effect of that, Croatia has to play against Denmark in the round of 16. Indeed, passing Denmark would be a much easier task than facing Spain, who mostly will make the host Russia out of the World Cup winning race in the pre-quarterfinals.

Surely, it will not be an easy task for Croatia to beat the 2010 FIFA World Cup Champions. Spain now is giving many six of one and half a dozen performances, which is a huge concern for their fans. In addition, David De Gea’s lackluster form is making their defense look somewhat strange.

Beating Croatia or not is going to depend on David De Gea, who is considered the best goalkeeper worldwide.

If Croatia can manage to handle the hurdle of their European rivals in Russia 2018, then it will create one of the topmost football news in the brick-and-mortar world of sports.

Surpassing the quarterfinals in football World Cup can make the Croatians stronger and better as most likely, the hardest team possible they can face will be England, who can kill their goose that lays the golden egg anytime. For this golden generation, this is the best possible chance to do something magical.

Why are they too good?

When it comes to describing the world’s best team in football, the place of Croatia will come after naming too many better playing countries. However, to neglect this generation of Croatia is not an easy thing to do.

Many of their players are playing and winning with the best clubs in Europe. It is the main reason behind the quality they are producing on the pitch. In addition, this European nation has set a particular tempo of play. However, the sides like Argentina and Spain are missing the same flavor in their camps.

The tactical masterclass

The top Croatian players are playing better at football World Cup and making top football headlines because they know when to crack the nut with the sledgehammer.

Modric plays a bit withdrawal role for Real as Toni loves to go ahead. On the other hand, playing with Kovacic allows Luka to contribute more in the attacking front.

Even, Rakitic plays a bit deeper for Croatia, which allows him to show more creativity inside the goal-scoring box at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Inter Milan two-footed winger Ivan Perisic’s passing abilities are additionally helping them to have more crosses inside the box. It gives Mandzukic and other players too many chances to score goals.

Eight out 11 players of Croatia play for big European clubs and reaming others are also playing for some well-known clubs in lesser competitive leagues.

From the perspective of making recodes, reaching the quarter-finals will make Luka Modric the only Croatian player with 19 appearances across World Cup and European Championship. In 1998, the enigmatic Croatians reached the semi-finals at the World Cup finals and created top football headlines.

Other than that, never have had they qualified in the semis. In Russia, Croatia has scored six of their seven goals in the second half. Considering this fact, their nemesis should always attack them from the start as this amazing side takes time to settle in.

Even, Croatia’s five out of last six shots on target have shown some glories goals. To qualify for the World Cup finals is easier than making the headlines of the “Champions” on many websites of football. Achieving this goal is hard for Croatia. However, not impossible.

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