Create a Professional App in Less Than $300

You must be under the impression that you would have to shell out loads of money to build an app, especially if you are technologically handicapped and don’t know what all out there is free and can be used. Let us tell building an application is not rocket science or you need to be a master of coding.

Create a Professional App in Less Than $300

You can easily build an application for 300 dollars (approx. 19,000) but you definitely need patience and perseverance because it’s no child’s play.

  1. App builders

To build an app you must learn about certain Application builders that will enable you to build an app effortlessly using a technology called WYSIWYG methodology. There are various other Application builders out there that will do the desired job as mentioned below.

2. Seattle Cloud Application Builder – Highly Recommended (Easy to use and offers professional look)

880,000+ apps have been built using this. The key features of this app are it doesn’t require those gibberish coding but there is an option for coders too with Seattle cloud SDK and costs only 147$ a month.

3. Swiftic (Como DIY)

It is suitable for local businessmen looking to expand their clientele and general people too. The key features are Loyalty cards, that will earn your customers with loyalty points which are convertible to prizes. A great tactic to pull customers to your brand. Next is the E-Commerce store that makes the application sales happen as soon as your app is published and costs only $57.

4. Good Barber

GoodBarber is meant to make your app visually attractive, you will get tonnes of beautifully designed templates to choose from, the price is 40$ a month.

5. App Machine

The Application Machine utilizes HTML5 to build scalable mobile apps. Main features of this app include an accurate analysis of stats of your apps usage based on the location of each user. Previewer will allow you to give a look of your app on a mobile by previewing it when it is complete. The plus version costs for $59 per month and the pro version $89 per month as it includes advanced features.

6. ShoutEm

The key features include Social media integration tools, analytics showing consumer behavior, multilingual support with a starting price of $23 per month, the advanced package for $59 per month, and the unlimited package for $140 per month.

7. Hire freelance designers and developers

If all of the above seems too complicated to understand then you can hire freelance designers and developer sites like such as Upwork and The difference between hiring a freelancer and a regular is that the freelancers don’t usually charge much because they are also building their resume but make sure make them sign an NDA, invoices and all paperwork so that your idea and working processes remain confidential and are executed as per expectations.

Bargain for funding via exchange for ad space

It’s a space for funding and exchange for ad space where you offer different companies and organizations a space to display their ads and in turn, you get paid which you can use for your app development.

Once it is done and you progress remember to learn about the consumer and market trends for a more functional working.

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