Common Tips for IBPS Clerk Interview

After clearing the written exam of IBPS Clerk Interview, the candidates will be going through the common interview in front of a panel that will test their skills by asking various questions. Candidates should have knowledge of any banking related announcements by RBI, any important news related to their city and locality and the local language of the state they have applied for.

Dress for the job of IBPS Clerk

Keep in mind, the first impression is the last impression. Dress in a formal way. Female candidates can also wear saree or salwar kameez but the tie is necessary.

What to expect from an IBPS Clerk Interview?


You must showcase your personality and prove your candidature in an IBPS Clerk interview. Questions will depend on your qualification, background and the panel taking the interview. A candidate faces a lot of questions in an interview chamber but here we are sharing the most common questions that are asked to every aspirant in every IBPS Clerk Interview.

Past IBPS Clerk interview question: Tell me something about yourself-

Most candidates make the miserable mistake in this question out of their nervousness. A candidate says only the things already mentioned in his/her resume. He/she should also highlight his/her achievements and positive points.
Past IBPS Clerk interview question: Why did you choose to bank as your career?
Through this question, the panel wants to know that why the candidate wants to leave related field as per their qualification and join the banking sector. So the candidate must research well about the banking sector which will help them to come up with a good answer immediately. He/she must show interest in the job and may say that the opportunity to learn and grow is vast here.

Past IBPS Clerk interviews question: Tell me something about your family background.
This question is sometimes interesting and sometimes irritating because if your father is a businessman, they may ask why didn’t you join him and if your brother is in different occupation why you choose IBPS Clerk instead of selecting what your brother did.
Past IBPS Clerk interview question: Why you want this job after doing the above degree.

And will you leave this job when you get the better opportunity?

Candidates must answer these questions honestly.
Past IBPS Clerk interviews question: Why you are leaving your current job.
Candidates may face questions related to education if there is the gap in education or after their last degree or if they didn’t scored well in 10th or 12th but did well in graduation.
Past IBPS Clerk interviews question: Tell us something about the banking sector and current developments.
Thus, he/she must be aware of the recent developments in the banking sector and read various articles from the internet related to recent guidelines of the RBI and its various policies. The candidate must read all the newspapers with important news from the past one month on the topics related to the banking sector. If you are going for the interview of Bank Clerk, you are expected to have at least decent knowledge of the banking sector. Knowledge of common banking terms is mandatory. Candidates don’t face complicated terms but common questions like difference between check and draft. Candidates should never guess answers if they are unaware because it can leave the bad impression.
Past IBPS Clerk interview question: What are your future goals and how is it related to the development of bank.

Through this question, the panel wants to know about your commitment and priorities. The candidate should answer by making it clear that he/she is completely dedicated to working in their bank and will serve the bank the best way it wants and help the bank in its path to growth.
Past IBPS Clerk interview question: Puzzled type of question.
Such questions are asked to check a person’s logical reasoning skills and should never be answered in a hurry. The answers should be analyzed by the candidate before reaching to a conclusion.
I hope the above tips were helpful. And you can share the questions you faced in the comment section below.

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