Can cash purchase you everything, even peace?

Wouldn’t you say that life moves too quick and the greater part of the times, there’s something that we are absent in your lives?

Can cash purchase you everything, even peace??

If you believe this, then you are mistaken my friend! Because with great powers come greater responsibilities…

You become more acquainted with everything about your most loved famous people, whether it’s their eating routine schedule, their most loved films or brands. Yet, did you ever understand that they had some emotional sickness, which they understand how to hide from media; Be it Praveen Babi, Meena Kumari or Rajesh Khanna they had it everything except still they plunged into annihilating damnation and the reason being their despondency.

It’s like we are not overseeing time, time is overseeing us.

With such a quick pace, our life is affected to the extraordinary degree. The sentiment discouragement, temperament swings, nervousness, anxiety are normal. Call it emotional instability or discouragement, it takes away your entire joy and now and again. It might influence you to the degree, that you quit feeling the characteristic enjoyment of your life.

We the common people and our Bollywood big names that have all the name and notoriety got everything in life to intrigue them; even they face such mental issues. They have enormous fan taking after surrounding them, however, deep inside, they are all desolate and defenseless.

You get nothing with the expectation of complimentary people.

Even popularity has an enormous cost to pay for.

5 Bollywood Celebs with Mental Disorders! But, They Made It Big!


She is considered as a real part of the top most courageous women in Bollywood, however, there was a period in her life when she excessively got broke. She confronted alarm assaults, forlornness however she finished the entire injury like a superhero. She even said in a meeting that ‘Each morning, it was a battle to wake up, and shoot for Happy New Year (2014) climax.’

She took medications and conquered her condition and turned out with a colossal tempest and parcel of hits in 2014. But we are happy she made it.


Yes, our own Badshaah, has too endured an eliminate of wretchedness, however, happened to it. Amid shooting in 2008, he tore a ligament in his shoulder because of which he went to a surgery. Such an excess of anguish drove him into discouragement yet he fought it out. He has spent just about two effective decades in Bollywood and we plan to see a greater amount of him on screens.


She is fruitful Bollywood performing artist of her time; however, she too fought despondency because of issues in her marriage. She is a valiant lady, and she showed it. She even portrayed her discouraged perspective on facebook because of her previous spouse, Samrat Dalal.

The ILU-ILU young lady is a motivation for every one of us.


Munnabhai of Bollywood too had the hard stage in life. Amid his time in prison, he too fought discouragement. He had numerous restless evenings and stayed discouraged. Conjugal awkward nature, his dad destruction, and afterward jail drove him into despondency yet he is a star and he showed it.


She was a heartthrob to millions; sadly, she experienced paranoid schizophrenia and was extremely sad and depressed because of her numerous fizzled connections. She used to feel so forlorn that she went off and was discovered dead, secured inside her flat Juhu. It’s said that she decided to commit suicide to end her torment.

Despondency is similar to a mind disease. You should be not physically but rather rationally solid to battle about it, else, you will LOSE in this fight called life.

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