How to Boost Your Wifi Speed – Here are 5 Foolproof Ways


Humans cannot survive without food, air, water, and WIFI. So whenever you experience a glitch in the wifi speed, it’s like someone just asked you to cut your heart out and stresses the hell out of you.

No worries, below are 5 foolproof ways to boost your wifi and maintain your peace of mind.

Add Wifi password to your network-

Whenever you experience a slow connection you must immediately check if there is a password to your network. If not, then there is a fat chance someone in your neighborhood is stealing your wifi thus resulting in a slow speed. You must immediately add a strong password to your network and get your speed back.

Install DD-WRT firmware

It is a software that allows your wifi to increase up to 7omw. In addition to speed boosting it also offers a number of security and enhancement features.

Use aluminum can

Yup, you read it right; it’s the easiest hack to boost your wifi speed. All you need is a beer or Pepsi can which is lying around in your house. Cut both the ends and slice the middle. Place it around the antenna or the modem. It acts a windsurfer.

Update your Firmware

This is the easiest way to increase your wifi speed. You need to first find out if your firmware is out of date if yes, then immediately update it. Your bandwidth will increase once updated. All you need to do is download it from the manufacturer’s website or contact the service provider.

De-clutter your system

If your PC/laptop is too old or has too many files, then the wifi signal can become slow. You must delete unnecessary files from your PC and Laptop.

Reset your router regularly

Whenever the Wi-Fi becomes slow, your customer service every time asks you to restart your modem, that’s a classic solution. This needs to be done on a daily basis. If can be done automatically. You can ask the service provider to help you out or if there is a way to connect your router/modem to your system then do it yourself.

Place your modem/router away from another electronic device

Many electronic devices cause the Wi-Fi to work slowly. So make sure to place your modem/router away from electronic devices like fridge, microwave, landlines, and speakers.

Place the modem in an open area

You may experience slow Wi-Fi because your modem must be planted in a cabinet, cupboard, drawer or a room with a lot of objects that are breaking the signal or making it impossible to reach your system. You must place it centrally at a height wherever you work.

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