Binny Bansal is an Internet Entrepreneur and Software Engineer from India. He helped to set up an e-business stage called Flipkart, with Sachin Bansal. He served as the Chief Operating Officer till January 2016 and got advanced as Chief Executive Officer around the same time. Binny’s age was only 33 years when he turned into the CEO of the organization.

Early Life

Binny is from Chandigarh, capital city of Haryana and Punjab. Binny has a business accomplice named Sachin Bansal. Despite that they have the same surname, as a general rule, they are not identified with each other. Both Sachin and Binny fortuitously concentrated on software engineering building in Delhi at Institute of Technology. Binny in the blink of an eye stays in Bangalore. He cherishes experience wears and is enthusiastic about white water rafting. He is a savant also and is a devotee of Salman Rushdie. He has likewise been the commander of the Basketball group in his school. Binny used to be an extraordinary aficionado of Chicago Bulls. He is known not a held and modest person.



Binny’s dad is a resigned boss chief at a bank. His mom works in the administration area. Binny does not have any kin of his own. He is the main offspring of his folks. His folks have dependably been steady of his works, all through.


Binny got hitched to Trisha, who was his better half for a long time. Trisha Vasudeva (now Bansal), is a MBA from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), Delhi. Binny interacted with Trisha amid his IIT days. Trisha was in Faridabad doing her designing from YMCA Engineering College. She had gone to present a specific venture in IIT and that is the way by which they both met. They had the relationship going for a long time. Binny was in USA for his employment, until one day they chose to get hitched after coming back to India.

Binny and Trisha got hitched on seventh February, 2010. The couple stays in Koramangala, Bangalore. Their home is simply close to the Flipkart Headquarters and Binny’s folks stay in Chandigarh. Binny is now a home-producer. They are carrying on with an upbeat wedded life. They don’t have any kids so far.


Before establishing Flipkart, Binny worked under Amazon for no less than nine months. Preceding this, he was rejected by Google, twice. Sachin Bansal and Biny Bansal, both considered beginning a correlation web index. In the wake of bringing forth this thought, they understood that the E-business market in India is tiny. Along these lines, Binny left Amazaon in 2007, and they made Flipkart, an e-trade organization. At the point when Flipkart was not functioning admirably, Binny would focus on the firm on an everyday premise though his accomplice Sachin, would attempt to persuade financial specialists to wager on his doubtful organization for 100 crores. This was a significant troublesome errand as Flipkart was at that point battling for its survival in the E-business market.

Before Amazon, Binny worked with an organization called Sarnoff Coporation for one and half years. It was here that he made a path sensor gadget for autos. This sensors would caution the drivers and beep naturally if they move to another lane without giving a legitimate sign.

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