Reasons Why Betting on eSports Can be Exciting

Betting on eSports is quickly gaining huge popularity around the world. By 2020, the revenues for eSports betting can hit $23.5 billion. Hence, there won’t be a better time to bet on eSports.

Betting on eSports can be Exciting

Here are some reasons betting on eSports being the most advanced and exciting form of sports betting.

1. There are Plenty of Money To Be Won!

If you want to check whether eSports future is really bright or not, just look at its revenues. It is ever increasing and the estimated figures for the upcoming years makes it an exciting betting field. The eSports industry generated around $463 million in the year 2016. It is expected that it will rise to more than $1.8 billion in the year 2020.

2. Growing Popularity of eSports Industry

In the last 5 years, there has been a tremendous increase in competition participation and audience viewing figures for eSports. Take the League of Legends World Championship for example. The winner of the tournament received $100,000 in the year 2011. There were only 8 teams involved in the game. It was the result 1.6 million viewers who joined the live stream. In the edition of the same tournament, the winner received $6.7 million in the year 2016. It was the result of over 43 million viewers watching the championship. The championship is again set to break all their previous records this year. It is logical that the growing eSports are an appealing and exciting industry to bet on.

3. Ordinary People are Turning into Extraordinary Heroes

The most beautiful part of eSports is that, for some decades, common people get a platform to show their talent become icons. The eSports players are just people who have struggled all their life and at one point of life, they get a chance to shine in front of the masses. We can usually relate with their life and see a part ourselves in each player. That is why betting on eSports is not only about money but the emotions attached to the players and team.

4. Every Tournament is Totally Unpredictable

What makes eSports exciting and fun is its unpredictability. Unlike other sports, the level of unpredictability in eSports is really high. As it is a new section in betting websites, bookies aren’t interested in the odds involved. You just need be aware of the game and keep your focus on that game.

5. Plenty of Choices

As eSports is continuously growing, every day bookies are putting more time and money to increase markets for various events being played. In the past years, these bookies were not interested in eSports events. They were only interested in the League of Legends World Championship. Now, the bookmakers are paying attention to other eSports as well and FIFA 17 and Heroes of the Storm are receiving huge exposure.

As more players are joining eSports, betting revenues are continuously increasing. With more people’s involvement, this wealth of choice is also expected to increase and this is great news for anyone who loves eSports.

Types of Sports Betting Explained

There are different types of sports betting. Most people think that they can bet on a particular team. However, there are many other types of bet which have better chances of winning. As a beginner, you should try and stick with only simple wagers. However, you must have some information about others too. All of them, including the complicated ones, are easy to understand. Most people start using them after a bit of experience. People use different terms for these bets in the different countries.

Some Types of Sports Betting

1. Moneyline Bets or Win Bets

You can use it in most of the sports in which you can do gambling. For instance, you are watching a football match and you are sure that a particular team will win the match. You can place this bet for the team you think will win.

2. Over/Under Bets or Total Bets

The bookmaker sets a number for the total score or points for the match. You have to predict the total score of both the teams will be more or less than that number. For instance, the bookmaker set 40 as total points which will be scored in the match. You wagered over that number. Then, the score must be 41 or more score by both the teams in order for you to win.

3. Handicap Betting and Point Spread

Adjustments are made by the bookmaker in the points or goals scored. This is particularly done betting purposes. For instance, in a basketball match between team A and team B, you gave three points to team A and deducted three points from team B. Now if team B win by more than 3 points or if team A win the game you will win the bet. You will also win if team A lost the game by less than 3 points.

4. Futures and Outright Bets

You can place this bet in a tournament, league or competition. For instance, in the very beginning of the NFL season, you better on Super Bowl’s winner.

5. Proposition Bets and Specials

These are special bets where you don’t have to pick any winner of the game. Usually, your bets don’t reflect or relate with the final result or winner of the sports event. There are a plethora of different bets of this type. For instance, during the match, you bet on a team or player who will score first. You can also bet the time when the first goal will be made. The bettors can also bet on the number of 3-pointers which will be scored in a basketball match. There are a lot of other examples as well.

6. Parlays and Accumulators

In this types of a wager, payouts are usually higher it is advanced and difficult. You need to make multiple selections in a single bet. For instance, you choose winners of 5 different basketball matches. Although it is simple to understand, it is not easy. You have to make all the correct answer consistently to win the wager.

7. Teasers and Pleasers

It is a kind of parlays with added difficulties. As a novice, you should avoid it until you gain some experience and confidence to make right decisions consistently. These type of bets also offer higher payouts.

8. If Bets

In the if bet, you have to make multiple bets on a single bet, however, your second bet can be only active when the first one was successfully won. It is in a way safer than parlay as it is less risky.

Understanding The Sports Betting Odds

Amateur sports bettors generally find it difficult to understand the odds of sports betting. It is essential as a beginner to know the rules to make huge profits while gaining the betting experience. You have to understand the simple rules of betting odds, reading of several ways, and making some profit out of it.

You might still remain confused about the sports betting odds without practice. Hence, it is recommended that you adopt the correct information and practice it a few times.

Sports Betting Odds

Although various kinds of bets use odds in a different a manner, it is somewhat similar in the end. Some sports provide betting odds completely different from others. For example, the odds of NFL and Nascar or PGA are completely different.

How To Read Sports Betting Odds

There are 3 types of betting odds that you find everywhere.

Moneyline Betting Odds

The first and most popular type of money line betting odds is simply betting on the team you think will win. In money line betting, the favorite one will show negative symbol while the underdog will show the positive symbol. For example, -100 is favorite and +100 is the underdog.

Understanding Moneyline Betting Odds

Suppose the money line has Team X – 100 against Team Y, you must bet $100 to win the bet, if team X wins.

How To Read The Point Spreads

The most popular type of sports betting odds is point spread. Sports like football, hockey, baseball, and basketball uses point spreads in betting. In this type of betting, the bettor is not only betting on the team, it is betting that the team will win with a particular run or point. Hence, even if the team wins, they may not win if their prediction with run goes wrong.

Point Spreads in football

If a basketball team is favored by 8, then to win the bet, the team must win the match with 9 points.

If you are betting on a football team, favored by 5, to win that bet, the team must win by 6 or more points.

Another example – You are betting on team A, underdog getting +5 points, to win the bet, team A must not lose with 6 or more points. Plus, you win win the bet even if team A wins with only 3 points.

Over / Under Betting Odds

Almost every sport has over and under betting odds, such as football, basketball, horse racing, UFC, hockey, and baseball. You just need to choose over or under in the game.

In a football match, if the number is 40, and you choose over, both team’s total must be 41 points or more to win the money. Similarly, if you choose under, it should be 39 points or less.

Betting Odds Using Decimals

In the list of all kinds of betting odds, decimal odds are a bit more confusing. These odds will not be confusing for bettors from Europe as they use it commonly. Multiplication game won’t be simple when you decimal odds. Decimal odds become trickier when you need to find out the payouts. However, there is a solution to make it easier to understand. You need to take it as monetary amounts by analyzing what profit will you get if you win. Remember this when understanding other odds as well.

For example:
Odds To Be Next Winner:
Team A: 1.45
Team B: 2.50

The same rule applies to them. The team with the lowest number is preferred. In the given example, team A is preferred with 1.45 but team B is just slightly behind with 2.50.

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