Best iPhone 8 Apps To Download In 2017

The new iPhone 8 has already made its way to the public and many have already started getting accustomed to their new little gadget. There are a lot of features that the new iPhone comes equipped with. But despite all the new features that come along, iPhone users still have to download some of the best iPhone apps to their devices in order to double the fun and functionality. Don’t know which apps really are the best? Check out our list of some of the most wonderful apps out there for iPhone 8 users.

  1. Enlight

Enlight App for iPhone 8

No best apps list can be complete without featuring Enlight app. It’s a really cool photo editor for your new iPhone. It combines lots of wonderful features and comes with an amazing interface. You have total control over tone, color, details and everything else when you are using Enlight for editing your photos. Some of the sweetest and wonderful effects that come inside the package can really make your day.

Images can be transformed in a way that they appear like pencil sketches or graffiti. Besides, the photos can be layered, particular objects can be changed inside, over-exposure can be taken care of and the list goes on.

So, if you have always loved editing your photos and giving them a professional touch then Enlight is certainly a must-have for your new iPhone.

  1. Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro App for iPhone 8

If you’re someone who often needs their documents in a soft copy to be sent to different others for one reason or another, Scanner Pro can be your partner on the go. The app lets you capture images of any of your documents and save them in PDF format. The best thing is that the app recognizes particular document types automatically and crops them accordingly. And, the scanned documents can be uploaded right away to any cloud storage service that you need.

Besides, you can also be able to share all of your scanned stuff with others. If there is any text in images, you can select it and copy/paste wherever you need. The app recognizes 21 different languages and allows you to accurately use the text in those languages anywhere you like. The scans can even be edited and Scanner Pro remembers every edit, just like in MS Word, so that you can revert back to the original if something goes wrong. So, it’s quite a useful app overall.

  1. SkyView

SkyView app for iPhone 8

It’s more of an AR application for the new iPhone on which you can see a sky map that tells you just about everything, even the stuff that you can’t see normally. The app is usually calibrated by finding the position of Moon or Sun and then the device you’re using the app on has to be moved around for figuring out different constellations, planets and random stars out there.

Even particular constellations or planets can be searched for if you’re looking for them. Besides, there are settings that you can use for determining the celestial happenings on a particular night at a specific time.

So, it’s quite an interesting app for those curious future astronomers and, in fact, everyone else who loves to explore everything around them.

  1. Deliveries

Deliveries App for iPhone 8

For one reason or another, if you often have to send/receive packages, Deliveries is a must for your new iPhone. A comprehensive package tracking app, Deliveries compiles all your packages and provides individual information about all of them. There are shipping updates as well as a map that shows where your packages currently are.

You can find out the company that is shipping the packages for you and can check out their website to explore everything you want about them. The shipment info can also be shared through iMessage app or email as well.

It’s a perfect package tracker for you!

  1. Carrot Weather

carrot weather app for iphone

If the stock weather app in your iPhone fails to impress you, then Carrot Weather would be a perfect alternative. There’s a wonderful interface that you can use to browse through the app. It’s quite informative and allows you to have all the details you need about the daily weather. The rain predictions from Carrot Weather are absolutely perfect and you know everything before it actually happens.

What’s even better is that the new iPhone 8 users running iOS 11 get AR settings with the app as well. It simply rejuvenates your experience further.

So, double the fun by combining your new iPhone 8 with some of these wonderful new iPhone apps. It will really be an experience that you’d never want to end.

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