Bed Transformation In Beds And Their Uses

Bed Transformation In Beds And Their Uses

Beds have been in use of man since centuries. Man has always been in search of innovations in his inventions. Various changes have been brought in bedding with time according to the choice of man and his budget as well. From the evolution of man to the present times, various changes have been brought in beds form and colors. The main reason in change in shape, form and color is due to the look they can provide to room and o meet modern standards. This is an era of competition and everyone wants to win this competition. This is the reason that with each passing day, something new is introduced in market to meet customers’ demands. There are various types of beds that are used by different people of different nations.


In earlier times, people used the beds made up of wood that were supported by the ropes. These ropes were cleared and stretched as they became loose after the use. The mattresses used in those days were made up of the straws. The mattresses and ropes were dragged under the sun to make them clean. The luxurious beds in those days were the ones which were made up of the feathers. These feather beds were used by the high class. In 1800s, people used cotton mattresses and this again was replaced by spring bedding. The first pattern of coil-spring was proposed in 1865. It took some years for its preparation and after that its use started. In United States, the box-spring mattresses were highly appreciated in 1930s.

With passage of time wooden bed replaced the ropes or metal beds and different woods were used for making beds and even the most expensive woods were used. This made the beds expensive and the royals and aristocratic class preferred to use these beds according to their classes.

In the modern era, when technology has made tremendous intentions, beds of different forms and styles are made. These beds are made up of different materials. Modern beds are beautifully designed of different shapes and colors and now even beds are made on customer’s choice and according to the given design.


Every day, designers introduce a new form and style of bed. These kind of beds give rooms an elegant, pleasant and classy look. Now, there are folding beds, iron beds, wooden beds, double story beds. The different modern beds include, pattern beds, velvet beds, Murphy beds, pencil posters, Contemporary Canopy, Double Decker beds, Bunker beds, Storage Beds, Ottoman Beds.


These type of beds are also available in different shapes and colors. These beds are symbols of class and comfort. These beds are available in different colors. These beds are a storage capacity in themselves. The platform where mattress is placed can be raised up and the things including pillow, sheets and other stuff can be stored in the storage space to avoid the mess in the room and to give more cleanly classy look to the room. They are easily adjustable and moveable. They are warm and are more comfortable in winters.


Velvet is the luxurious fabric as compared to other fabrics and is used in all times and in furniture, it adds glamor in home by adding beauty to the home. Velvet was first used by China in 13th century and then gradually introduced in the West. Technology has made it easy to manufacture the velvet otherwise in past it was really a time taking process as it used to take a lot of hard work in preparing it. Due to this reason, it was only in the range of royals and wealthy families.


Velvet beds are available in different bright and dark colors which appeal the customers. Light colors in velvet are also attractive. It depends on the choice of the customer that which color he wants to add the beauty of the home.


Velvet needs more material and a long procedure for its manufacturing. There are almost sixteen types of velvet used in different things which include natural as well as synthetic. The most commonly used velvets are Embossed velvet, Hammered velvet, Mirror velvet, Chiffon velvet etc. The most elegant velvet is crushed velvet. The uniqueness of the crushed velvet gives velvet an appealing look. Any type of yarn can be used in the preparation of the velvet. The fabric is split into two halves to create two similar pieces which gives it more soft look. Now any yarn is used for the manufacturing of velvet but in past only silk yarn was used. In these days, woolen, silk, synthetic, linen and cotton yarns are used to manufacture the velvet. It is not that silicate fabric but is long lasting one. Different furniture are being made by velvet which gives elegance and are expensive. Crushed velvet beds are more eye catching than the other ones. Velvet can be used for years and similarly velvet beds are good enough for decades.


Velvet beds are easy to clean and simple way to keep them clean is through vacuums. In case of any stain, stain repellants are easily available in market which can remove the stains and give the shine to the velvet as it has bought new.


There are different types of velvet beds which appeal the customers. They are comfortable and soft in use and elegant in look. Different companies provide different comfortable and glamorous beds. There are also crushed velvet beds. These beds are available in all sizes. The choice is up to the person in case of color and size. The finishing in velvet beds give these beds a delicate look. These velvet beds seem good on wooden floors. These beds can also be used on lavish carpets as well. Dim lights are used to give elegant look to these beds as well as add the beauty of room.


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