Auto dialer vs Predictive dialer: what’s the difference and which is best to use?

predictive dialer and auto dialer

Dialers are considered as a must-have technology for organizations especially for call centers to make a high volume of sales calls. Today, the dialing technology has become more sophisticated that can manage the sales & marketing team, lead generation, and customer retention.

Dialers’ help agents connect with different prospects and improve the overall calling efficiency by automatically dialing the calls for you. The quicker you can connect with people, the more clients you can approach, and in return the more sales you can make.

There are two primary types of dialers used in call centers, autodialers and predictive dialers; let’s discuss the two to help you find the right dialer for your call center setup


An autodialer is a smart software solution that can automatically make calls to several numbers at the same time. It also determines whether the call has reached to the person or an answering machine. After that, it simply leaves a message or connects the calls to a relevant agent. Getting the autodialer for your call center solution can simply help you in many ways; let’s discuss the advantages here;

Advantages of an auto dialer:

  • Autodialers are efficient enough to reach the massive audience without even the need for human effort. This actually means that the sales rep will be only needed if a prospect shows his interest. This will eventually allow the sales agent to spend some more time in closing sales.
  • It’s the best tool to disseminate important information; such as a promotional offer, or a political announcement, without the need for an agent. That feature makes it a cost-effective dialer.
  • The software is automated, so you will not be required to endure the wrath of an agent whose meeting you just interrupted.


Predictive dialer:

Predictive dialers are also an auto-dialing software which is smartly using in outbound call centers. It helps a team of call center agents to dial calls even faster and in more efficient manner. The different set of numbers to which multiple calls have to be made can be uploaded into that dialer software.

After that, the software will eventually automate the task of dialing all the numbers in a sequence. So when the calls are answered by someone, then the dialer will immediately connect the call with the available agent, who can communicate with that person.

Advantages of predictive dialers:

  • The most important advantage of the predictive dialers over other dialers is its ability to predict when the next call is likely to get connected, and when the next call center agent is likely to become free to make a new call.
  • Increased agent’s productivity and reduced operational costs for call centers
  • Predictive calls can efficiently predict when a current call will be finished while already dialing the next number.
  • Predictive dialers along with the CRM integration will not require some additional expensive telecom hardware or integration, which further cut down the costs of the company.

While auto dialers are considered as a one-message-fits-all approach, especially when the agent wants to send a new offer then dialers allow sellers to broadcast the specific things and let the users know what is more important to choose. That means its best for sending personalized pitches and makes stronger interactions.

But if you want to make some better connections and want to generate more leads by reducing the call costs and wait time, then predictive dialer is the best choice to make. Both of the dialer software is essential for call center industry as both of these contribute a lot to enhance the productivity of your business.

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