Ashwini Nakshatra

Ashwini Nakshatra is ruled by Ketu. The name of this nakshatra is derived from the two- horse-headed twins Ashwini Kumars. The symbol is horse’s head. About Ashwini Kumars Ashwini Kumars are the sons of God Sun and Sanjana, the daughter of Vishwakarma. It is believed that Sanjana was unable to stay near Sun due to his heat. Thus, she made her Chhaya and left that place for some time. However, after some time she realized that Sun will do romance with Chhaya and thus, she came back only to find…

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Email Marketing – One Of The Best Advertising Tools

Email Marketing is still considered one of the best advertising tools. Even if you are running a small business with less number of subscribers or buyers, a well-designed email will attract a number of conversions. However, it is surely not an easy task if you are not familiar with HTML. Surprisingly, every email receiver only spends 5 seconds to decide if they want to click on a call to action button. We know you want your email subscribers to click on your call to action button and make a visit…

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Animation Top 10

Top 9 Animation Libraries to Use in 2018

These days you can easily do animations using custom and code generator tools. However, are you aware that there are tons of libraries which can give you best and professional result in seconds? In this article, we will be sharing with you a complete list of animation libraries you can use this year for different needs and situations. Here are Top 9 Animation Libraries to Use in 2018 Animate.css Bounce.js Magic Animations DynCSS CSShake Hover.css Velocity.js Anime.js AniJS Do you use animation libraries? What are your favorite animation libraries?

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Everything You Need To Know About Mahashivratri 2018

We know most of you who worship Lord Shiva on Mahashivratri are confused about the day to keep fast. That is why we are sharing this post to explain to you why you should fast on 13th February. Mahashivratri 2018: 13th or 14 Feb and why? Mahashivrati is celebrated on Chaturdashi. On 13th Feb 2018, Chaturdashi will take place after 10 p.m. In the word Mahashivratri, you can clearly notice the importance given to the word night. Although you can keep fast on the 14th Feb, the most beneficial day will be…

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How Will Be 2018 & Upcoming Years For You – Numerology

How can you find out which years might be good for you according to numerology? In this article, we will help you find out those years. However, please do remember, those years might or might not be good based on your planetary dashas in astrology charts. Now, let’s get started. Planets Connected to Different Numbers Number 1 is connected to Sun Number 2 ………………….. Moon No. 3 is connected to Jupiter Number 4 ………………….. Rahu Number 5 …………………… Mercury No. 6 is connected to Venus Number 7 ………………….. Ketu Number 8 ………………… Saturn No.…

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Are You Ready To Publish Your WordPress Website?

You must find out whether you need or before publishing the website. Although, like many people, you will think that there is not any major difference in the two platforms, here’s the fact: there is. Undoubtedly, is the most popular platform for bloggers around the world. And is equally popular and beneficial. The thing is both platforms comes with different functionality and are designed for people with different requirements. Thus, you need understand what is being offered to choose a platform based on your goals. First,…

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Top 10 Bollywood Movies 2018

Here is a small list of Bollywood movies which is set to release this year. We are as excited as you all are to watch these movies. 2.0 (film) This sci-fi movie is directed by S.Shankar. It is a sequel to a Tamil film, Enthiran. It is said to be most expensive Indian Movie till date with the budget of around INR 450 Crore ($70 million). You can expect the release of 2.0 around April this year. It might release in 15 different Indian Languages. Along with Rajnikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy…

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Effective Communication For Successful Business

Communication is neither the message nor the process of transmission of it. It is actually the mutual understanding between the sender and receiver. You need to effectively communicate while doing business or any work which involves directing, controlling, organizing, staffing or planning. Thus, we can’t give HR role to a person who doesn’t have the skill of communicating effectively. Types of Business Communication If you are running or managing a business, you know that it is mandatory for you to inform the employees or anyone giving service about certain rules and…

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Importance of Speed Test – How To Check Website Speed?

You think designing an awesome looking website with quality content and all the valuable features are the only responsibilities of a website designer. But this is not true. A good web designer knows the importance of website speed due to the fact that it was designed primarily for visitors and target audience. So it is your job to keep the page loading time in check at all times. Most visitors don’t like to visit a website which takes forever to load. They won’t wait for the page to load for more than 10…

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Tees and Jeans

Top 15 Day Wear Tees For Men Under 599

We have brought for you a comprehensive list of tees you can add to your wardrobe. There are some simple yet cool tees every man should wear during daytime in the home. Here are some of the best tees for men In a men’s wardrobe, you will find tons of tees (probably more than the jeans or shorts). Why? Because of various different reasons. Tees are usually available in a variety of styles and colors and can be matched with any jacket. Plus, tees are easily noticeable. So, tees are…

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