Are Dynamic Racks What They Are Looking For?

Many companies wonder if dynamic racksthey are what they need to optimize the logistics of their business; Nowadays, large companies are looking for maximum efficiency when it comes to managing their logistics chain. This also applies to small and medium-sized companies that want to take a step forward in order to achieve greater growth. However, it is well known that this efficiency does not only derive from having well-trained personnel or leaders, but also from the technological advances that are available in terms of storage, inventory management, distribution of goods and so on; in short, everything related to logistics processes. That is why both engineers and manufacturers have been given the task of creating parts over time that can optimize these processes:

These storage objects have made enormous advances, not only in terms of materials, but also in the way they work and are managed, which can be corroborated through examples such as automation systems and dynamic shelves also known as pallet flow In this publication we will talk about the latter so that they can determine whether or not they are looking to increase the efficiency of their logistics processes. Do not forget to contact Kristar if you want the support of an expert company in the manufacture and installation of this type of racks for warehouses. No more to add, let’s start!

From what business leaders talk about today’s storage operations, it’s about how they can increase their efficiency, this is not really surprising, since greater efficiency equals a positive increase in the bottom line. of its processes. Also, regarding the warehousing industry, there is nothing more important today than having an efficient racking or rack system; This can be achieved with different types of storage systems, among which stand out the so-called dynamic racks . In light of all that has been said so far, here is some information that could help you decide if the placement of these racks is the right solution to incorporate into your warehouse.

To begin with, let us respond briefly to the following question: What is dynamic pallet or pallet flow shelving? This type of flow shelving system acts as a highly efficient mini conveyor belt for warehouses; It also consists of a static frame structure with dynamic flow rails that are set in a declivity, so that when pallet loads are loaded into the racking system, gravity allows them to move slowly at the end of the row where they sit until they are downloaded. In this way, when a pallet load is removed, the next one slides to the unloading position so that it can be removed. This type of rack system is considered by the English terms First-In / First-Out.

Now, some of the ideal applications for the systems of flow shelves or dynamic are the following:

  • Reception and storage of raw materials.
  • Work in progress.
  • Storage of intermediate items.
  • Finished products.
  • Order preparation

Having said that, we will list below some of the advantages associated with the handling of dynamic shelving system:

  1. It is a high density storage system whose depth, height and width are limited only by the size and configuration of the users’ warehouse and by the material handling equipment they use.
  2. Flow systems make all inventories move efficiently. You can load pallets at one end and download them simultaneously from the other end. The rest of the process is done by gravity.
  3. Pallet or dynamic flow rack systems are ideal for storing perishable or time sensitive products.
  4. With its management, a reduction of the work of the storage personnel will be observed.
  5. The rotation of the product is automatic once the pallets are loaded; This eliminates the work involved in the reorganization of loads.
  6. With only two aisles, namely loading and unloading aisles, the flow of traffic will be more organized, and with less territory to cover to reach the products.
  7. Less forklift drivers and fewer work hours are required.
  8. It is possible to reduce energy expenses; This is because the flow rails of the platform are powered by gravity, which means that no electricity is used to operate the system.
  9. You get a considerable saving of space. Because there are only two aisles, it is possible to reduce aisle space by 75%.
  10. A reduction of the damage to the product and the rack is obtained. This is due to the reduced use of the forklift truck, so there is less chance of product damage or collision damage to the rack system.

To this we must add that a pallet flow or dynamic shelving system can significantly increase your storage space, while greatly reducing the amount of real space required to store your products, which is a gain for your operations.

With what has been said up to now, you will have enough information to determine if this type of rack for storage is ideal for optimizing the logistics processes of your business and guaranteeing maximum efficiency.

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