AngularJS VS React JS- Which Is The Better Technology?

react js vs angular js

Undoubtedly JavaScript is one of the most popular and dynamic programming languages that help the developers in coding Apps and websites. It’s all because of its popularity that JavaScript makers consistently keep on updating and changing its frameworks.

There is no surprise in it that JavaScript makers introduce a new JavaScript Framework every week which has made the developers difficult to choose which JavaScript Framework suits them the most. Developer’s ability to complete the project on time and future code maintenance entirely depend upon the type of java framework, the developer is using.

AngularJS and ReactJS are one of the leading structures used by the designers for availing the simple development and testing techniques. Among the JavaScript frameworks, these two are the widely popular frameworks that have gained popularity in a very short time. It helps the Developers to easily and comfortably create feature-rich and attractive websites.

JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS and reactJS make the app more docile and scalable which shows the importance of selecting the perfect JavaScript framework. Numerous JavaScript frameworks are available but the two widely used frameworks are AngularJS and reactJS. Developers get confused while selecting one from these two while developing the app or website.

reactjs vs angularjs

The major difference between the two frameworks is that AngularJs has inbuilt data binding whereas reactJS is augmented by redux to achieve unidirectional data flow. Both the frameworks have different approaches, therefore makes it hard for the developers to select one.

To have better grip and better understanding let’s have a look at the differences between both the JavaScript frameworks!


angularjs vs react

Well, when it comes to simplicity AngularJS is simpler and easy to understand where is reactJS is not at all easy to learn. Its Complexity can cause confusion sometimes.


angular 2 vs react

When it comes to scalability, both the frameworks are on the same page. AngularJS is easy to scale due to its design and CLI whereas reactJS is easy to scale because it is testable.

Performance compatibility

angular vs react

When it comes to performing compatibility AngularJS becomes weak compared to ReactJS. In order to increase the performance compatibility of AngularJS, one can use the Behaviour Subject from our RxJs.


angular js vs reactjs

Due to copy and compare AngularJS doesn’t permit to add big model, making it difficult for the developers to break down each coding whereas in ReactJS there is no as such issue and the entire performance of the app or website depends upon the ability of the developer.

Popular examples

learn reactjs

The popular examples of AngularJS include YouTube, istockphoto, weather, freelancer, Vivo etc. React JS’s popular examples include FB, Instagram, New York Times, Flipkart, Sony lifelog etc.


It entirely depends on the situation because both AngularJS and reactJS are good to use. If you are looking forward to developing highly active and interactive web applications then, AngularJS is the best framework but if you are looking forward to creating large web applications then, ReactJS should be the preferred choice.

All in all, developers have to select JavaScript Framework as per their requirement and functionality.

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