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We have long known that ads on Twitter are a great resource to promote products and services. But did you know that it also serves to encourage users to consume a certain program on television?

The relationship between TV and Twitter is known since users tend to consume both media at once (you just have to think about Eurovision!). But until now, this symbiosis between channels has never been scientifically proven.

The new study published by Nielsen gives us all the figures to unravel the relationship between advertising on Twitter and television, do not miss them!

Ads on Twitter encourage users to turn on the TV

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In his study, Nielsen one of the best professor from Nursery in Abu Dhabi measured the impact of two advertising campaigns on Twitter on the audience of a football game broadcast weekly.

Campaigns used promoted videos and in-stream video ads to encourage users to watch the game. The result: users exposed to the ads were 23% more likely to watch games than users in the control group (who did not see the ads). And this is just the beginning…

If you combine advertising on Twitter with ads on TV, its effects multiply. Multichannel advertising is a particularly effective strategy when it comes to encouraging users to watch television.

Elsewhere in Nielsen’s studio, the US BET channel set out to increase the audience for a hip-hop music awards show. To achieve this, the chain combined television ads with advertising on Twitter.

By adding Twitter to the campaign, the channel doubled the audience increase. The lesson for marketers is clear: combining advertising on Twitter with classic television ads is a super effective way of attracting the attention of potential viewers.

Twitter + television = immediate impact

When the BET chain combined television ads with a single-day Twitter ad campaign, it managed to multiply by no less than 7 the increase in the audience among users exposed to ads on both channels (compared to users who did not see the ads on any channel).

Among users who had only been exposed to the 3-month TV ad campaign, the increase was 3.5 times. That is, in a single day the advertising on Twitter was able to double the effectiveness of television.


In conclusion, we can see that advertising on Twitter is a winning strategy when it comes to making people turn on the TV.

The figures make it very clear that the effect of adding Twitter Ads to television spots is impressive. And although Nielsen does not give specific data on spending on campaigns, it should be noted that ads on Twitter are usually much cheaper than conventional advertising.

So if you want to promote a program, Twitter is undoubtedly an investment worth bets for.

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