7 Steps to Handle Criticism at Work Well

Whenever a person starts with some work, his/her prime focus is to do it with the best of his/her abilities and achieve the pre-determined result. The target is to do the work effectively and efficiently as both of them go hand in hand. We should always keep in mind the fact that whenever we are starting with some work we should always be open to critics. A critic plays a very crucial role here as only because of his judgment we can thrive to improve our work. A critic can be any person, it can be our friend, our senior, our junior, or anybody for that matter.

We often see that all people are not open to critical judgment. Some of the people get upset where as some get offended on being judged upon their work. But one should understand that judgment is the basic rule of existence. A human being’s first reaction to anything is that how he/she perceives it.

There are a lot of people who think that they are doing work from the best of their abilities so judgment is not an option there, but this is not how practically things work.

First things first, the person doing a work should be understanding enough to know that every person judges the other person according to their state of mind and abilities. How they have seen things work over the years or what impression do they have about a particular thing is what decides how they critically analyze something.

Let’s see, for example, you made a presentation which you were working on for 2 weeks but when you present it to your boss, he doesn’t like it.

Now we can say that here he would critically judge the work done by his employ according to what he was hoping to see but couldn’t while the employee must be thinking that it was that work only which he wanted to present, so here the expectations were different so the critical judgement is passed and the employer has to do the work again.

So this is how it works in real life, we should be open to judgments and should take them positively because every human has a different point of view.

When we get judged we don’t usually like it, but a lot of things can be done to cope up with this. The most important thing is to have an open mind which is open to all kind of judgments and is at the same time ready to take lessons from it.

Secondly, one should be strong enough to accept his mistakes. This is really a tough thing but it will help you a lot in life ahead.

When a person learns to accept his shortcomings that are the time when he is ready to grow. When you get the realization that it could have been done in a better way, that is the time you improve. One more thing is, one should know that there is always someone better at something than you. Taking a suggestion won’t degrade you rather it will improve you in the long run.

Thus, by all these easy to say but difficult to do things one can face all the critics in a better way.

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