Top 8 Lesser Known Life Changing Apps You Must Install Now

top 8 life changing apps

 We live in the age where our phones are as important as breathing and we are never getting rid of this habit any sooner, on the contrary, the coming generation is being exposed to it at a very young age and we have already made peace with the fact.

So we might as well make a good use of it instead of spending hours on social media and stalking people. For this very reason below is a list of some apps that you may not have heard of but are extremely useful in daily life and some will actually shape your life towards positivity.

  1. Be My Eyes

be my eyes app

Ever thought of making a difference in a person’s life? Or ever thought a phone app can actually help you earn stripes? Well, this is it, Be My Eyes helps you guide visually impaired people through video connection between you and the visually impaired. A call will be made to you by them and you get a chance to show a genuine act of kindness. You can guide them in directions, reading articles, shopping, and many other ways. I betcha! You will be left elated and soon sink into positivity.

2. Happier

happier app

As the name suggests, it is meant to lead you to the path of happiness by making you feel gratuitous towards every little happiness in your life. Wow! An app that can actually help you do that? All you have to do is start chronicling every little moment of happiness or a reason that made you smile. Imagine looking at your happy moments after a year? It was named as one of the best apps of 2013 by Time magazine.

3. Wakie

wakie app

Now, this is a super fun app. Here’s how it works; it is free and anonymous and works 24/7. You can post a topic of your choice or interest and wait for a call or make one yourself without giving any personal info. It works as an alarm, if set the time, a stranger from any part of the world would wake you up. Apart from the adventure, you can actually be of help to a troubled person who has no one to open up to by listening to them.

4. Calm

calm app

This app is built for the very purpose of relieving you from stress and insomnia. Calm is designed in a way to help you bring clarity in mind through meditation exercises that you can easily squeeze in your tight schedule. There are different sessions for spiritual wellness.

5. Splitwise

splitwise app

Do you have a roommate/flatmate that magically dumps all the expenses in your pocket when the bill splitting time comes? Now you can show him/her the back of palm with Splitwise on the screen of your phone. The app keeps a track on who is spending how much and then help split all kinds of Bills. Not only that it will help you and your friends to plan vacations, keeps tabs on your spending habit and much more.

6. Food Substitutes

food substitutes app

This app comes in handy when you are stuck in a kitchen emergency. You are preparing a meal and forgot an important ingredient, Food Substitute tells you the apt replacement for the ingredient. Apart from that, there are different categories of substitutes like low-budget substitutes, vegan substitutes, healthier substitutes and much more.

7. Around Me

around me apps

This is a life and time-saving app especially if you are a traveler or have just shifted to a new city or country. This app will help you familiarize with the place. Tell you everything around you from a convenience store to a school or a hospital. The app identifies everything around you.

8. Duolingo

duolingo app

Duolingo is a completely free app which makes the process of learning another language more of a friendly process with game-like tutorial without any drop in cash from your side. It breaks down the lessons into easily digestible exercises with the goal to make you fluent in any one out of 13 supported languages. It will even remind you to brush up on lessons you didn’t score so well on the first attempt.

Most users use it not to learn something new but because it’s fun and designed with unlock-able power-ups to motive them with points.

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