5 Necessary Chrome Extensions for Every Digital Marketers

You have to learn quite a lot when you are actually entering the digital market sector. With so many people and their bits of information, it might seem pretty overwhelming at first, but once you are through, you will get a hang of it. Thanks to Google Chrome in 2008, browsers took a hay way turn for betterment.

Chrome provides you with the ability to add some Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers, specially designed to save time and put some of the most promising resources right in the front. But the question is which one to choose?

With so many extensions already listed in the section, making one choice is pretty tough. But, there are certainly five of them, widely used by reputed digital marketers and proven to be worth it.

1. Bit.ly:

This perfect chrome extension helps you in editing links and share and save content instantly from the browser into Bit.ly account.

● If you need, you can shorten any link and brand domain to customize it as per business needs.

● With the help of this link, you get the opportunity to actually track some of the real-time statistics to check on the most effective social strategies for engaging fans.

2. Followr:

If you are looking for the best Chrome extension for covering social media management, Followr is the name to be. It is not any form of annoying ways to acquire social media based following. It is going to work in a rather honest and simpler way.

This is a reputed Chrome extension, which is easier to set up and searches for the tweets within a scale of every 30 minutes. If you end up using Twitter account more, you will receive more followers. It is going to score quite high on relevance, making it quite a powerful tool to use.

● The setup takes around 15 seconds with only one requirement. You have to be logged into Twitter.com.

● After specifying the interests, this extension helps in searching for tweets within every 30 minutes.

● Unlike any other bots, this one is dedicated to improving your Twitter account.

Followr might restrict itself from spamming quite excessively and will reward you for your good behavior.

3. Buffer:

Another major extension from Chrome is the Buffer. It is one of the proven easiest ways of sharing content to Following as you end up perusing sites throughout the day. This service helps in managing some of your daily activities by scheduling posts to go out at specific times and follow up with analytic for tracking posts with the best performance ratio.

● It is perfect for managing social media for business and making it easier to work with the social media based accounts.

● Analyze performance, schedule post and collaborating with your team; everything will take place under one platform, Buffer.

● You can further start sharing through Buffer with just a click from your side.
This chrome extension helps in scheduling posting to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

4. Rebrandly:

Those days are history when you had to deal with long links and abstract. Thanks to Rebrandly chrome extensions as used mostly by WordPress Developers, you can easily convert those long tail links into some of the shorter custom ones. If you want, you can add any keyword of your choice for that additional SEO juice. You even have the right to save multiple personal links within your Rebrandly account.

● It makes it easier to create and even share some memorable, branded and some pronounceable shorter forms of links.

● These branded links comprise of the company or personal domain name in place of any generic one.

● It further helps in increasing the visibility of your brand and increase the link trust. It further serves in optimizing SEO ranking.

This chrome extension ill turn any link into a perfect promotion, designed solely for your brand. The latest version is the 2.9.0 as updated on July 3rd, 2018.

5. Rita Tag:

One clever tool for providing you with all kinds of important and popular hashtags while posting on all those social media sites is Rita Tag. This tool is split into the new version which is green in color (Use Later in the blue version, Try Not To Use in red and Don’t Use under grey colored variations). This is a simple form of chrome extension, which provides some relatable hashtags whenever you type anyone into Instagram or Facebook.

● You will receive some of the best hashtags suggestions for images. You can further click on the Upload icon in the bar section for procuring some suggestions for an image from your system.

● Other than that, you will receive hashtag suggestions for texts and some color indications for presenting the hashtag strengths, as mentioned before.

Using these five simple yet powerful chrome extensions will help in growing your business well. But first, get to learn about their features individually before trying out.

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Linda Wester is a WordPress developer by profession and she works for a leading PSD to WordPress theme conversion company – HireWPGeeks Ltd. She uses to write useful tutorials on WordPress and socialize its different social media platforms.

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