5 Famous Street Food Places In Delhi

5 Famous Street Food Places In Delhi

Delhi is the capital of taste. Hearts of people living in Delhi are as big as their appetites. When it comes to food, dilliwaale are Epicureans and skeptical at the same time. They are a big-time foodie, and they add their special touch to every food- making firangi food desi is their specialty. There is no limit to the variety of food that Delhi can serve; you name it, we have it; from Russian to Mexican and from Chinese to Italian we have it all. But what is really interesting about the city is the street food. Besides being the hub to the best of cuisines and delicacies, Delhi serves the best of street food in the world.

When looking for street food in Delhi, you will be spoilt for choice. But fret not, here is the list of the best street food-


What started as a petit stall in the hustle of Rajouri Garden, today has become the soul of not just the market but of the west Delhi and stands with a greater goodwill. Right in the middle of the market with many competitors, Atul Chaat is still the showstopper. While the pav bhaji and tikki are the most popular here, yet gol gappas and aloo chaat are no less. And for the people who are conscious about the hygiene will be glad to know the gol gappas are made in mineral water and is served with gloves on. This place is a mecca for the chaat lovers and one can get an idea of it by the crowd around the shop. Kulfi here will leave the eaters lips smacking. What is more amusing is the affordable prices of all the food items.

TIMINGS – 11 am to 10 pm

PRICE – 100 for two (approx.)

LOCATION – Rajouri Garden


Parathas otherwise being the most famous food and a staple in the diets of the masses is devoured by people. Eaten in breakfast, lunch and dinner as well, this dish is the best to satisfy any type of hunger. Nothing can combat the satisfaction which a paratha provides. While many places in Delhi serve parathas, yet when it comes to taste, Moolchand stands at par with other joints. Paneer paratha, anda pantha, aloo parantha are amongst the bet paranthas here. Served with chaas, raita, curd and butter does wonders. People from all the corners of the Delhi come to savor the taste and none goes unsatisfied. From a makeshift food junction, it is now a permanent place for hunger killing. Chutney, onions and pickle works as the cherry on the cake. The place serves the perfect blend of tastes and authentic desi food. All of these amazing talks come to reality and your imagination turns into tangibility when you reach this place plus the prices here will not burn a hole in your pocket.

TIMINGS- 9 am to 11.30 am

PRICE – 300 cost for two (approx.)

LOCATION – Moolchand Metro Station, Lajpat Nagar


Every day should be a rajma chawal day, isn’t it? and Rajma chawal is the reason why Baba Nagpal Corner in Amar colony is always at the top list of the foodies. If you are a Rajma chawal fan, this is the place for you. The heavenly dish is served with the green chutney, pickle and onions. To quench the thurst the place serves chilled lassi and chaas. This place has the touch and essence of Punjabi household taste. The quantity is good enough to satisfy two. What more can a foodie wish for? We warn you beforehand – once you try it you will not be able to stop yourself from having it again.

TIMING – 8 am to 6.30 pm

PRICE – 40 rupees per plate

LOCATION – Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar Market.


Though a core Punjabi dish, yet served best in Delhi are the chole bhature and putting the best of the 5 star and 7-star restaurant to shame is the chole bhature of Sitaram diwan Chand. A perfect blend of spices and flavor hole are served with paneer and boiled potatoes. The paneer stuffed bhaturas are extremely soft and fluffy. The food is almost irresistible and it is impossible for one to be contented with just a single plate. Apart from this, the salad served with green chutney is mouth-watering. This is a perfect place to start your day with the perfect breakfast. Who says you can’t buy happiness? Come to this place and you can buy happiness at an extremely affordable price. Surprised, no? Those who are diet conscious too wont regret breaking their rules for a plate. Also, if you wish to spice up your food experience, do avail the swiggy coupons to get discounts up to 35% on all online food orders.

. Have a good treat!

 TIMINGS – 8 am to 5 pm

PRICE – 50 rupees per plate

LOCATION – Chuna Mandi, Paharganj


Different places around the world have their different recipes and flavour of Biryani. From spicy to moderate and to mildly essence biryani and from chicken to mutton biryani, every foodie has his own preference when it comes to this particular dish. Calling it the best meal would also be an understatement. The preparation of biryani is an art in itself and Hammad chicken biryani does justice to the recipe and the taste. Out of all the biryani joints in delhi and NCR, this place has the taste, and flavour like no other joint. The individual taste of each ingredient can be enjoyed and the way chicken is cooked in it simply melts in the mouth. Served with chutney and onions the biryani here not only has an unique taste but an aroma, nobody can resist. This is a must try for all the biryani lovers.

TIMING – 11 am to 11 pm

PRICE – 300 rupees for two (approx.)

LOCATION – Abul Faizal, Okhla, New Delhi

So, you must have decided how you are going to satiate your taste-buds, right? These corners are just amazing and the most searched for in New Delhi adding to its goodwill as the hub of yummiest street food. You can indulge into the great taste yourself or you may order these delicacies of the streets online from different websites and channels. Hola Amigos! Have a tummy filling and mouth-watering experience, here, in Delhi.

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