5 Common Mistakes Which Ruin Your Motherboard

The motherboard of the computer is rightfully known as the “heart of the computer” owing to the fact that all the components of the laptop/desktop are connected to it just like the veins and arteries are connected to the heart. Once damaged, it calls for an expensive affair that leaves with no option of repair but buys. Below are some very common mistakes that often cause the computer heart an attack.

5 Common Mistakes Which Ruin Your Motherboard

The first common mistake that people often overlook is the collection of dust and debris that forms on the computer as a very thin layer. Often the fan inside the laptop that is supposed to curb the heat which gets clogged, therefore, the air is blocked and as a result, the computer gets overheated and ruins the motherboard. So make sure to keep your computer away from dusty parts of the house. Paying a high price for dust and pet hair?

Sometimes other appliances like a refrigerator and an air-conditioner suck up a lot of energy that often causes an electric spike, which is a sudden burst of energy that causes the motherboard to get ruined. The sensitive circuits of the motherboard get destroyed due to a sudden change in voltage.

This other reason is the most shocking one, you would have never actually thought about. Cigarettes, YES, you read it right. The tar from the cigarette smoke doesn’t just destroy your lungs but also the heart of your computer.

Once the tar from the smoke mixes with dust particles which produce a sticky substance, which is not easy to remove, thus it causes overheating, which further results in the failure of the motherboard. Now is the good time to quit or watch your computer die.

Manufacturing issues can be another reason (won’t entirely blame you for its failure).

Considering, the motherboards are produced in a mass so there are times when defects take place like the improper seating of the RAM and a video card, which by the way causes the motherboard to malfunction. But manufacturing isn’t under your control, what is in your control is to immediately take your computer from where you bought for repair while it is under the guarantee period after a thorough diagnose.

There are capacitors filled in the motherboard that sends power and data from one connection to another. The route is fixed in a way to avoid contact with anything metallic or ill-fitted, so if it comes in contact with a disrupted component then a short circuit is bound to happen.

The right way to prevent all the mistakes is to take the required precaution and prevention steps like getting a periodical check-up, getting rid of the clogging in the fan, prevent dust and other particles from entering the system.

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