3 Reasons Why You Should Only Buy from Cruel-Free Companies

Times have changed and technology has made it easier than ever to invent things and to innovate old products to make things better. Cosmetics and the beauty industry has come a long way thanks to this. However, as rampant the growth is, there will always be those companies that have improved all throughout the years because of some experiments that are not so humanitarian.

Unlike the Unilever Network in the Philippines, some companies still perform cruelties on animals such as experiments and such in order to perfect their products and services. it is important to note that with everything that has advanced over the years, with technology continually improving, the need for such cruelties should no longer be present.

With that being said, to enlighten those who are not so knowledgeable on the subject, here are 3 reasons why you should only buy from cruel-free companies.

Cruel-free Companies despise animal testing

There are companies who experiment with their products on animals. And these experimentations are not just applying make-up on their faces or trying out shampoo on their fur. These experiments are definitely on the cruel side of things. From forcing animals to inhale toxic fumes, restraining them for hours on end, and applying untested chemicals on their shaved bodies, there are no limits to the atrocities that animal testing has spawned.

There are Healthier Products to Choose from

A predetermined notion is that beauty products and the likes are most likely filled with either chemical and/or natural substances, which is partly true. However, in the case of cruel-free companies, they use ingredients that are not the only natural but are known to have health benefits. Most of the other companies who continue with their experiments do so because their products are mostly chemicals. And who’s to say that these chemicals don’t have side effects that might affect, or worse, damage your skin.

Most of the substances that are found in the products of cruel-free companies are vegetables and fruits, so when you’re allergic to a certain plant, make sure that you take it into account when choosing a product.

Debunking the Myths surrounding Cosmetic Animal Testing

There are many myths with regards to the use of animal testing in cosmetic and beauty brands. These myths are the usual arguments used by those companies that experiment on animals.

Some of the common myths are as follows: “Animal Testing is the law”; “Animals are set free after being used”; and lastly, “There are no alternatives.”

These myths have already proven false and are not really valid for in any sort of argument talking about animal testing. But still, companies that do so still spread these rumors to at least lessen the backlash that they receive.

Key Takeaway

It is surprising that in the year 2018, there are still such companies that are known to undergo animal testing, particularly in the beauty and cosmetics industry. The great thing is that there has also been an increase in companies like Unilever Network Philippines that reject these methods and have opted to cruel-free products and services. hopefully, in the near future, the cruel-free label will disappear as it has already become the standard in all industries.

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