3 Features of Italian Food that Make Everyone Love it

What would first come to your mind when someone talks about Italian food? Perhaps pasta? Or pizza? Well, though these two are among the most commonly known and loved cuisines which originated from Italy, you better know that the country has a lot more of dishes to offer than these.

Italian food has won the hearts of many individuals. And when I say many, I meant the entire world which includes different races from different places. People have developed so much passion for this food that wherever you go, it is nothing but easy to look for eateries that serve Italian foods. Should you visit Singapore and suddenly crave for pizza? No worries as you’ll only have to ask the locals, and they will let you know the location of the best Italian restaurant in Singapore.

But what’s so special about Italian food? What makes it so lovable? What features does it have that it’s seemingly impossible for people to say NO to it? If you’re wondering too, then we are here to discuss things. Keep on reading.

Its Simplicity

One of the primary reasons why too many people love Italian food is due to its simplicity. Italian food is said to be amongst the least difficult meals to prepare. You can turn your few ingredients into a heavenly meal. Prepare a dough, put on fresh seasonings, ready a pasta sauce and cook it using the oven then voila! You can already enjoy a mouthwatering dish. As simple as that. This simplicity makes Italian food to be available everywhere. In whichever eatery, you know you’re going to devour over a crispy and cheese- melting pizza, or a plate of creamy pasta.

Creamy Goodness

Craving for something creamy and cheesy? Then you don’t need to look further than Italian dish. Italians do know their ways around cheese and cream – be it for mascarpone, ricotta, pannacotta, parmesan, or even dolcelatte. Italian dishes are generally made up with full of flavors because Italians have already mastered the creamy and cheesy irresistible taste that gets people coming back again and again.

Yes to Being Healthy!

Italian dish welcomes vegetables while many other dishes stray away from it.
Similar to the previous point, Italians have found ways to work with these healthy ingredients so it would complement their dishes. They are that successful that it resulted to adding even more flavors to their meals. Another good thing about Italian food is that it encourages the usage of fresh ingredients. The cleaner and healthier the parts, the more delicious flavors you will get. They include tomatoes and eggplant in caponata recipes and chili and capsicum all through most of their dishes. These fresh vegetables and spices are what make Italian food experience amazing!

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