25 Actionable SEO Tips (That Work Like a Charm in 2018)

actionable seo tips

All entrepreneurs hope that their brands and business, in general, attract as many customers as possible. They, in addition, go out of their way to beat their competitors to the top and eventually edge them out of the market.

Unfortunately, many of them are pushed of radar fast and remain in oblivion courtesy of their inability to use the emerging marketing tools like search engine position report to their benefit and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Using SEO, however, does not guarantee that you rise to the top and remaining there. You should have in mind a number of considerations.

Here you get a checklist to help you along the way in your determination to make your products and services the most visible and attractive.

1. Just the Perfect Keyword

Before you launch your SEO campaign, ensure that you picked the most fitting keywords. Most of the SEO efforts are fruitless because they failed as early as the first step. You, nevertheless, cannot settle on any keywords your mind lights on.

You must do proper and exhaustive research. This means gathering information on what people are likely to search for and simply giving it to them.

2. Keep an Eye on your Competitors

In business and especially in SEO marketing, it is never a crime to spy on your competitors. Neither is stealing their keywords. Alerts will help you monitor the advent of new keywords by your rivals and using them to your benefit.

3. Fill the Gaps in your Content

When your competitors have keywords for which you don’t rank, then there are gaps. Identify them and fill them up. This allows you to give them a proper match in the game.

4. The Right answers to the Right Questions

To generate the right keywords, look for the most frequently asked questions. They give you the suggestion that people are asking them since they don’t have the answers. You can also look for the questions on websites whose content is Q&A.

5. Get the Best Content Ideas

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The content has a great bearing on the success of your SEO usage. You can always begin by looking at the most popular ones and trying and seeing whether you can use them to your benefit. You only need to type in the keyword or topic and clicking on explore in order to get the content that is most linked to and shared for a particular keyword.

6. Write an Enticing Introduction

After getting the traffic to your page, you would lose it if you did not consider writing a great introduction. Remember that the introduction is the most important part of your online article. Keep it interesting, short and straightforward.

7. Make the Content Easy to Read

While there is a great need to yarn as beautiful content as possible, you should also avoid making it difficult to understand. The trick is avoiding the big and unfamiliar words. In other words, don’t make it a struggle for the readers to get what you are trying to tell them.

8. Avoid Unnecessary Words

Eliminate Redundancies. Avoid unnecessary repetition of words. Cut empty or inflated phrases. Simplify the structure. Reduce clauses to phrases, phrases to single words.
Avoid unnecessary repetition of words. Reduce clauses to phrases, phrases to single words.

Many believe that the longer the content, the more they will prove to the readers that they know what they are doing and are good at it. Nevertheless, it is seldom so. Cut out the unnecessary words and parts and try to make it as short as possible.

9. Link your Content Externally

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Your content should be linked out to other pages that not only have a relationship with it but also are high quality. The linked pages should also be authoritative to give credence to your original page. In the end, there is sure to be higher Google ranking.

10. Write an Astounding Title

Make your title as appealing as possible. Inspire your readers to click on the title at first site. Give it the power to grab the attention of everyone who comes across it.

11. Include the Keyword in your Title

create a strong brand for online business

Often, including the title in the keyword will give you high rankings. In addition, make sure that you also include them in several places in the body. The idea is to guide the readers into the SEO article.

12. Use Internal Links

You should be the first person to talk about your content. You, therefore, need to internally-link your content to other pages on your site.

13. Give the Readers what they Want

Don’t make readers struggle to find what they are looking. Make sure that they get it fast and easily. This means that the content should contain only the information that it is relevant to the keywords and the topic.

14. Optimize your Website to All Devices

It would be frustrating for readers if they find out that your content can only be accessed through the use of certain devices and not others. Remember that the main reason for using SEO is ensuring that you get as much readership as possible. Therefore, the website should be optimized for every device capable of use with the internet.

15. Optimize Google Images

Many people make their first landing during a search on Google Images. While Google search should not be forgotten, optimizing images gives you full benefits.

16. Keep URLs Short

URLs should be as short as possible, while descriptive. They are not only better-looking but also leave the opportunity to use the keywords with.

17. Ensure Proper Page Load Speed

One of the best ways to beat your competitors is ensuring that your page loads faster than theirs. There may be a small difference, but it may be all you need to stay ahead of them.

18. Keep Your Content Updated

Refreshing your content has a great potential for boosting your traffic. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that your content will maintain a high ranking.

19. Use either Non-www or www.

Do not use both non-www and www. Remember that you might find that Google has considered them as separate pages which have been duplicated.

20. Make use of 301 for Deleted or Moved Pages

301 redirects should help pick out the old pages. They are especially important with Google’s confirmation that they indeed qualify as full links.

21. Serve your Content using a CDN

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) helps eliminate the slow loading time problems. They create cached copies of the site on a number of servers located in different parts of the world. In the end, anyone requesting the page can easily get from the nearest server.

22. Enable your Site with an SSL Certificate

You should move your site to SSL. Keep in mind that Google affords a better ranking for any sites that are HTTPS-accessible.

23. Consult Google in the Event of Problems

importance of google analytics for marketing

Google is always there to let you know of any problems with your site. In addition, it will help you with information on what needs to be improved on or fixed. You only need to sign up for the free Google Search Console.

24. Keep Hackers out of your Site

One of the main culprits for dropping traffic is hacking. Further, you might find yourself removed from SERPs by Google. Thus, ensure that ensure that you do not fall victim to hackers.

25. Monitor your Traffic


You should always track your traffic to ensure that there are no sudden drops. If there are, you may have been penalized. There are, however, other reasons. They include improper installation of your code for analytics tracking or the fact that your site may have been down for some time. Further, you may have mistakenly blocked search spiders.

A search engine position report will help you monitor your traffic. It is a safe bet in ensuring that you are not in the dark when things are falling apart.

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