12 Free Tools All Content Marketers Should Use

If you are a beginner or an experienced professional in the world of Content Marketing you must install/download the below tools. These tools help in research, design, creation, increasing traffic and writing the content for gaining maximum users.

Free Tools All Content Marketers

  1. Evernote

Evernote is a must-have if you are a content writer and you must use it every single day. It is very handy when it comes to jotting down your ideas, making to-do lists, put all your research notes in one place.

Evernote Business admin interface
Image Credits: Evernote

Evernote can be installed in your phones too. It recommended for content creators as it will constantly save and sync your work. Besides you can also store articles, eBooks, or plan your editorial and social media publishing calendars.

2. Atlas

Content researching is one of the most tedious jobs in content marketing, well Atlas is crafted to make your job easy. All you researchers out there must install this app Atlas is actually Quartz’ data center, which has countless number graphs, charts, and data visualizations.

Content marketing
Image Credits: Csolsqs

Almost any topic or keyword is available and Atlas based on your recent research data it will present a graphic for you. Especially if you are trying to obtain background information on the topic that you are researching or data for your project, it will immediately present a chart based data or any other data in various infographics. This saves a lot of time and gives a clearer picture of the content you are looking for.

3. Google Webmaster Tools

It is an apt tool for SEO and keyword research. If you want to augment your Webmaster tool will help you. You can check a number of indexed pages on your website, submit your site to Google so you are getting crawled and indexed, even disavow bad inbound links and also provide information on search queries that have a large volume of impressions but low click-through rate.

Google Webmaster tools
Image Credits: My Template Storage

Once you have the tool, all you have to do is, go to “Your site on the web” and choose “Search queries.” You’ll see a table showing a search query, impressions, clicks, and click-through rate (CTR).

4. Hemingway App

Since it is named after Ernest Hemingway who was admired for his condensed and precise writing style, this app will do exactly the same, making your content crisp and expressive. It is a great tool for editing and making your content easier to read for your target audience.

hemingway app
Image Credits: Center for Students with Disabilities

All you have to do is paste your matter on this app and it will assess and identify your writing leaving a crisp and well-expressed content. Some of the key features are identifying hard-to-read sentences and passive voice. The tool will also grade your content on its readability providing with improvement suggestions.

5. Headline Analyzer

Do you know only 50% of people who click on an article go past the headline? That means this 50% may also include your potential target audience.

Image Credits: Linkis

The only way to ensure maximum clicks on your content is to create an eye-grabbing headline that compels the reader to read your entire content. You must not neglect the importance of a headline; spend extra time in creating unique headlines.

You are lucky, there is a tool dedicated to headlines, Headline Analyzer. It grades your headline quality to drive social shares, traffic, and SEO value. It will help you strengthen specific components of your title. It’ll even show you how it will appear in search results. To improve your headline, you must also improve your Headline Analyser grades.

6. Canva

Coming to the designing aspect, Canvas is THE tool. It’s the Holy grail for designing. First of all, you can create the most visually stunning designs in a very short period of time and secondly it’s absolutely free.

Image Credits: GoCanvas

With this, you won’t be required to start your design from the scratch because Canvas offers a huge library of pre-made templates and assets that you can manipulate while also adding your own imagery. Get this tool now!!

7. Google Fonts

Another tool to make your content look visually appealing is the Google Fonts. This tool has a directory of 600 free fonts ready for you to download and use.

Google Fonts
Image Credits: Zapier

All you have to do is simply find and select the fonts you like from their directory, then click “Use” to get the HTML code you can copy and paste onto your site. Alternatively, you can download the fonts to your desktop and use them when making new marketing content by clicking “Add to Collection.”

8. HubSpot’s Free Stock Photos

Image Credits: HubSpot

Searching and buying stock imagery is a huge pain, especially when you decipher it from the legalized images. HubSpot has a library of 550+ free and royalty-free stock photos. With this tool, you want to have to worry about a unique image for an ebook or a blog post or content.

9. ConvertPlug for increasing email subscriptions

This is the best WordPress subscription plugin currently available. It brings back your abandoning visitors, helps you gain more leads and subscribers. If you are struggling to get subscribers for your newsletter, whitepapers or other content.

ConvertPlug can help build a robust email list, promote videos, drive traffic to your site/blog, share updates with your subscribers, get useful insight from analytics to fine-tune your content to boost visitor engagement and offer coupons and special deals to bring back those visitors that were previously abandoning your web pages.

10. Buffer for social media scheduling

If you are an owner and need to manage your social media account, you don’t have necessarily hire someone to do that, all you need to do is install Buffer and keep it updated. It manages multiple accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Just set up your own updating schedule and it will add/Change/Delete updates easily.

Image Credits: Buffer

You can also use it with different browsers, leveraging its many extensions, apps, and extras. It is an effective tool that has helped a number of companies and businesses across social media by using the right features for the right purpose will help triple social media shares. The charge varies based on user-ship, no. of social media platforms and posts.

11. Google Analytics

Another useful tool that will help you gain insight on user pattern. It will analyze the content your users are engaging with the most, Find out your most popular web pages, popular/most shared blog posts, with the help of its site search functionality it will spot the type of content users are looking for on your website.

Google Analytics
Image Credits: Connection Incorporated

See the clickable page elements your visitors interact with the most, determine the location of visitors who make up the major part of your web traffic and detect the online campaigns that bring the most traffic and conversions.

12. Blog Topic Generator

There are times when brainstorming can get mentally exhausting or we fall short of ideas, well! No worries you can use Blog Topic Generator. This will just add to your creativity, enter a few keywords that your blog focuses on, and the Blog Topic Generator will produce a week’s worth of titles and topic ideas for you.

FB Blog topic generator
Image Credits: Rogueline’s

It might not produce the final title of your blog post for that you will have to store your brains, but it helps you get new creative new angles for the topics you’ve written about before.

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